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August Weather Report

The month of August was a dry and cool one, according to the weather station readings taken at the Nashville Water Plant.

Only 2.79 inches of precipitation was recorded for the month, with one inch recorded on recorded on August 2 and nine-tenths of an inch recorded on August 17. The rest was less than a half of an inch at a time.

Temperatures were very cool for August, with the average high being just 84.1-degrees. Temperatures only went above 90-degrees on three days, August 20, 21 and 22, with the high, just 91 degrees occurring on Eclipse day, August 21. There were also two days when the highs were only in the 70s– August 7, the high was just 73-degrees.

Lows were similarly chilly, averaging a brisk 61-degrees for the month. There were numerous days when the temperatures dipped into the 50s, and the low for the month was 53-degrees on August 5 and 6.

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