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Letter: An Appeal For Information On WCH

I received an anonymous letter approximately August 19, signed by “Some Concerned Citizens for Washington County Hospital”.

It was also mailed to local newspapers (above), but to my knowledge, it was not printed by them. They did not feel that anonymous hearsay information should be published.

In case the newspapers decide to publish the letter, however, I would like to point out that this was not a letter sent by CSWCH, CONCERNED SUPPORTERS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY HOSPITAL, a group for which I have been a spokesman.

The unknown senders of the letter asked me to help in the reconvening of that group to help “save our hospital”
(Washington County Hospital)

The letter contained the following:

“there is a developing situation …. that is endangering the existence of our beloved hospital.”

“Several hospital employees have told us that there have been lawyers lurking about the hospital each week and they have been interviewing certain employees and interrogating them…”

“Word is that.. employees, including the administration, are leaving the hospital for other employment because of the secrecy and instability that … the board have created.”

I am writing this letter to the editor in hopes that it will be published so that those who sent the letter and who are concerned about such activities at the hospital will contact me to share information.

I have continued to attend WCH Board meetings during the past couple of years and I am aware of the fact that two emergency closed session meetings were held during August, 2017 and that the minutes of those meetings have been redacted and that “confidence” and “attorney/client privilege” have been invoked by attorney Eric Trelz, the hospital’s attorney.

Those who wrote the letter to me seemed to be sincerely concerned and I would hope that the barrier of secrecy can be broken. I hope that the Board becomes motivated to share information regarding any matters of significant concern with the many customers who make use of the hospital.

It is important that false rumors, known or not yet known, be met with correct information. There is general consensus that the hospital is a much needed integral part of the economic and medical health of this community. Its operations are of concern to all who use it.

In response to the writers of the letter of August 16, I am attempting to gather information that will shed light on potentially harmful situations which they have alleged, and will continue to do so. I need your help if I am going to be able to help you. I can be contacted via email at

I thank the writers of the letter and I thank the newspaper for publishing this response.

Charles Braly

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