Letter: KC Veterans Tribute Seeking New Names

Dear Editor,

The Veterans Tribute is looking for veterans whose names are not on the original 2 walls (Phase I). We are collecting names to be inscribed on the 3 new walls (Phase II) which we plan to complete in early 2018.

If you are a veteran, know of a relative or friend who is a veteran and any veteran who is relation to you and lives in Illinois outside the college district (Bond, Clinton, Fayette, Marion and Washington counties) or in another state and would like to have their name on one of the 3 new walls (if it isn’t on one of the original 2 walls), please contact Jim Beasley (jcb35@att.net), Dr. Dee Boswell (dcboswell@hotmail.com) or Agnes White (495-2217 or aggigw@yahoo.com), with the first name, middle initial, last name and branch of service.

Veterans are our friends deserving of recognition and thanks!

Agnes G. White

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