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September 6, 2017 Classic Photo –– Ready For Basketball

We’ve received back some information on the Classic Photo featured on the September 6, 2017 edition of The Nashville News. While we were given names for those in the photo, it was not recorded who called in to give the names to us, so we apologize for that omission.

We were told that the photo is from 1971 or 1972.

While we were given names, our spellings were off and doing a little looking through old NCHS yearbooks, found it to be the picture of the Junior Varsity Hornets Basketball Team, 1971.

In the photo are, FRONT ROW, Deon Randoll, Randy Brammeier, Brad Meyer, Bob Hoffman, Larry Moeller, Curt Niermann. BACK ROW, Greg Schmale, Mike Holston, John Forys, Dave Bochantin, Randy Habbe, and David Rolf.

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