Letter: Keep WCH Thriving

Letter: Keep WCH Thriving

At the age of 15, I started my first job working in the dietary department at Washington County Hospital. Working after school, weekends and every chance I got to save money to buy my first car. Nearly 9 years ago I decided that I wanted a career change from banking to healthcare. Behold that change brought me back to WCH; a place where I could help those who lived in my community. Helping those I have known since my family moved here when I was 4, helping those that I had not had the chance to meet, and helping those that were making the move into our community. Never did I honestly think that serving the very community in which I live would be so rewarding and fulfilling.

The staff and members of Administration cannot win this fight on their own. We as a community need to come together to fight for WCH. While many Critical Access hospitals are closing their doors due to financial hardships, we are struggling to not become one of them. What would become of Washington County without WCH? What economic hardship would that impose on the employees as well as our community? Many may not realize that those fears could become a reality sooner than most think.
I ask each and every one of you that read this to stop and think about WCH. Yes, over the years there has been some bad press in regards to problems at the hospital. However, how many businesses do not hit bumps along the way. But the past is the past. While the past is never forgotten, we can only grow and learn for those issues and move forward. WCH needs the communities help to overcome the financial hurdles it is faced with. Whether you choose WCH to have your labs drawn or x-rays taken, see one of our doctors in the clinic, need physical, speech or occupational therapy, decide to rehab here after a lengthy illness or knee replacement, place a loved one in our Extended Care wing, or find yourself needing emergency care, please think of WCH. There are so many services that we offer to our community. While you may not need us today…..chances are one day down the line you or a loved one might. So please help us, the employees, fight to keep WCH thriving.

Julia Haege


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