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Magic Mirror Reprise: Nashville – September 27, 2017

Magic Mirror Reprise

Nashville – September 27, 2017

Susan Roethemeyer

Awhile ago in “Hauntings and Horrors in Southern Illinois”, an old book from Goodwill, I found an old manuscript that I judged to be genuine and shared it with my readers.

It was written by Lacy James and told the story of an old magic mirror she and her best friend Constance (also known as Connie) had found.

As they examined it, Connie noticed that the paper the mirror had been wrapped in had writing on it.

To be brief, the paper described the mirror as magical and able to grant the holder’s request. But it also warned of using the word “I” too many times, and of giving what is deserved to the user of the mirror.

Despite the warning, Connie held the mirror and spoke the incantation, requesting her plain face be changed to a beautiful one so as to be admired by everyone.

Unfortunately, she said “I” more times than the paper advised, and Lacy noticed.

Lacy told Connie she had used “I” too many tines, but Connie saw herself in Lacy’s dresser mirror and saw her beauty.

Connie insisted they take Lacy’s collie Ethan for a walk and show off her new look.

As they walked, Ethan’s leash in Connie’s hand, Connie was more charming and friendly than usual, showing that the mirror had given her more confidence, at least.

Suddenly Ethan lunged after a squirrel, dragging a screaming Connie to the ground and along the walk, scraping her face against the concrete walk and hitting her head on a stone.

Concerned passers-by took the unconscious Connie and the distraught Lacy to the hospital.


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