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Free WIOA Program Offered Through Mers Goodwill

Free WIOA Program Offered Through Mers Goodwill

What is the WIOA program?

It stands for Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act.

In Washington county funds are available to assist youth from 16 to 24 years of age who have dropped out or graduated from high school, pregnant or parenting, unemployed or under- employed, who had an IEP in high school, or are low income or below income guidelines.

The WIOA program offers free services include Job Readiness Training (JRT) which allows youth to be assisted with writing a resume, mock interviews, job searches, and budgeting tips; tutoring to improve math and reading skills; career counseling; GED classes, and paid employment.

Participants may also receive assistance with the college and trade school enrollment process including FAFSA preparation.

Supportive services include gas cards and testing fees paid. Limited fees are also available to pay for certifications such as for High School Equivalency (also known as GED, HSE, and TASC Test).

WIOA Program office is conveniently located in the Community Center at 455 S. Washington in Nashville. Similar programs are located in Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair counties.

Do you know a youth or young adult who may benefit from this free program?

If you do, please call Sandi Laurent at (618)-314-5273, Angela Knaub at (618)322-2328, or Robin Pruitt at (618)-979-0351 today!

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