Letter: Grateful For The Care Family Member Received At WCH Extended Care

Letter: Grateful For The Care Family Member Received At WCH Extended Care

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent care my mother, Patsy Wintjen, received while in extended care in Washington County Hospital.

During the close to three months she was in the hospital she was cared for and nurtured like a family member.

She did not know a soul and is not from the area. Before her passing she was telling nurses and aides how much she loved them (this was not usual for her), or at least telling them how nice they were and always thanking them.

Our small town hospital often gets a bad wrap.

Yes, it needs updating.

Yes, it is old.

Yes they are understaffed at times.

But I am very particular about medical care and specifically personal treatment.

Where do some of these aides and CNAs and nurses come from?

They are angels of mercy. The hand of God is with them all.

I am speaking specifically of the extended care unit. My mother was in so much pain at the beginning she probably was rather curt and depressed.

Nothing was quick enough or comfortable enough. But the staff went out of their way to change things and offer things to please her and make her comfortable.

I also want to thank SSM hospice who assisted during her last four days of life.

They were heavenly angels.

I would recommend both medical interventions to anyone who has an elderly loved one in need of medical assistance.

WCH may not be “state of the art” but it is “state of the heart”.

Rebecca Rench

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