Letter: Why is There a “Life Chain”?

Letter: Why is There a “Life Chain”?

The Life Chain was held on Sunday, October 1, along IL-127 at the intersection of IL-15.

A heartfelt thank you to all who took part in the national “Life Chain.”

Held annually in October, this visual assists in the consciousness-raising of the sanctity of human life, and the loving option of adoption.

Participants are silent witnesses, holding pro-Life signs and silently praying to end abortion. Thankfully, abortion numbers have been going down, and are now less than a million a year.

The annual Life Chain event put on by Washington County Right to Life was held on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 1.

However, the number performed by the largest single abortion provider, $1.3 billion Planned Parenthood (PP), increased and have become more profitable. A pro-life hero David Daleiden, and his colleague Sandra Merritt, published undercover videos that proved PP was illegally pedaling baby body parts for profit. A preborn baby’s heartbeat is detected after six weeks, and it feels pain after 20 weeks. Sadly, this month Governor Rauner signed an abortion bill that will use taxpayer money to pay for all abortions for any reason at any time during the pregnancy.

At the federal level votes are needed by eight Democrats in order to pass a compassionate pro-Life bill PP receives nearly $550 million tax dollars annually. They have 79% of their abortion clinics on or near a college campus or high school.

Washington County Right to Life financially and materially supports area Crisis Pregnancy Centers that assist women and families.

They provide education on abstinence and truth of sexually transmitted diseases, and the development of a baby in the womb. We hope to see you on “Life Chain” next year.

Shirley Vernon, President
Joan Cobb, Vice President
Washington County Right To Life

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