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Look, It’s a Young _____ _____! – October 18 Classic Photo

Look, It’s a Young _____ _____! – October 18 Classic Photo

See anyone who looks familiar?

Every week when we get our Classic Photo into the paper, we refer to every male in one of the old photos as “A young _____ _____”, at least until we hear back from whoever was actually in the photo in question. This person’s name is our placeholder, in our minds anyway. Imagine then, if you will, our excitement when we found a photo (several, actually), that actually featured this respected member of the community during his more formative years. Unlike some of these Classic Photos, we do know who is in this one, where it’s from (Hint: it’s a Hornet yearbook), and what year it was taken. Take a look, and see if you can recognize who we’re talking about. Let us know if you figure it out.

What’s Happening In This Photo?

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