It Happened Here – November 1, 2018

It Happened Here – November 1, 2018

Eighty Years Ago

Prices at Bask’s Department Store in Nashville included men’s topcoats for $14.75 and men’s socks for 10 cents a pair.

Local grocery prices included yellow laundry soap at 10 large bars for 25 cents and breakfast bacon at 30 cents a pound.

Ira Hendricks, 60, a brakeman on the M & I Railroad between Salem and Chester, was killed near Coulterville when he was run over by a train.

Other deaths: Milburn J. White, 64, formerly of Nashville; and Charles Kaufman, 69, formerly of Nashville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Local grocery prices included

Scott towels at 10 cents a roll and Saltines at two pounds for 30 cents.

Deaths: Harry Stahler, 54, of Beaucoup; Herman Albert Maurer, 32, a native of Nashville; Reverend Otto Hille, 68, of Biddleborn; Theresa Bochantin Haake, 41, of Hoffman;

Augusta M. Schafala Krebs, 79, a native of Lively Grove; and Samuel R. Smith, 50, of Bluford.

Seventy Years Ago

Lucky Club Cola was still 5 cents for a large bottle at the Lorenz Bottling Company.

Small and Sons Motor Sales in Nashville was offering precision rebuilt Ford engines for $103.02 plus your old engine.

The first Washington County’s war dead returned for burial. They included John S. Anielak of Radom; Conrad Pero of Ashley; and Walter Prasuhn of Belleville.

Other Deaths: Homer G. Schafer, 25, of Nashville; John L. Holman, 69, a native of Du Bois; and Minnie Hemminghaus, 77, of Hoyleton.

Sixty-Five Years Ago

Dr. Charles Longwell, 44, was stricken with polio.

An estimated $100,000 damage was noted in a fire that destroyed the Nashville Milling Company elevator.

Dry weather was blamed on several forest fires in the area and also blazes that destroyed the Louis True home north of Richview and the Sophia Brinkman home near Posen.

Evelyn Schubach of Ashley was chosen as a majorette for the Southern Illinois University band.

Deaths: Gilbert Evers, 48, of Covington; Ida Ziegel, formerly of Nashville; and John W. Koeningsmark, 78, formerly of Ashley.

Sixty Years Ago

Judge J. D. Maxwell ended his groundhog season with a total of 564 killed.

Vandals knocked out 22 windows on buildings at the Hoyleton park.

Earl Funke of St. Louis, MO, bought the Barton Tavern in New Minden.

Deaths: Herman Sanders, 65, of Nashville; Mary Belle Torrens, 66, a native of Oakdale; Mrs. W. A. Corgan, 79, formerly of Nashville; August C. Riechman, 80, of Centralia;

Roger Hake, 30, formerly of Hoyleton; John Poninski Sr., 72, of Pinckneyville; and Emil Kieser, 56, of Litchfield.

Fifty-Five Years Ago

Vandals cut an electric fence on the Jerome Borowiak farm of Waltonville, releasing 29 head of cattle. One calf was killed.

Mrs. Dan Perjak was seriously injured in a corn picker accident on a family farm near Sesser.

Willard M. McQuary, 24, of Okawville was killed in an auto accident near Hoffman.

Other Deaths: Martin H. Bultman, 64, of Covington; Olive Kugler, 84, of Okawville; William C. Hake, 92, of Irvington; Frank Bauza, 73, of Bolo Township; Viola E. Gurney, 89, formerly of Ashley; and Lonnie Brewer, 61, formerly of rural Nashville.

Fifty Years Ago

A 1961 Chevrolet auto was stolen from Mrs. Albert Haake’s garage in Nashville. The auto was later discovered in Hillsboro.

Walter Rynski, a native of Nashville, announced plans for a $2 million mobile home development near Granite City to be known as Holiday Mobile Home Park.

Mr. and Mrs. LeeRoy Borowiak announced plans for a new toy store in Nashville to be known as Lee’s Toyland.

Three 11-ounce Morton frozen dinners were $1 and bananas were 12 cents a pound at the local Kroger store.

Inclement weather cancelled the annual Halloween parade in Nashville.

Connie Gundlach was crowned Richview School carnival Queen.

Donald Dodillet, 14, of Irvington was killed when a shotgun which he and two other youths were repairing accidentally fired, striking Donald in the back.

Other deaths: Amanda M. (Meyer) Rohlfing, 89, a native of Washington County; Waldo B. Brink, 71, of North Prairie; Mary Gerding, 81, of Nashville; Leroy Joseph Stern, 25, of Nashville; Estelle (Hasemeier) Lerch, 75, formerly of Nashville; and Edgar L. Allison, 50, of rural Centralia.

Forty-Five Years Ago

Raymond Harre was severely injured when he was attacked by a bull.

Ralph Korte Construction Company of Highland was awarded a $430,000 contract for a new elementary school building in Ashley.

Bids were awarded for a $174,013 renovation of the Washington County Jail in Nashville.

Deb Harre was crowned Nashville High School Homecoming queen.

Washington County was declared the most Lutheranized county in Illinois. Some 2,824 Lutherans were in the county population of 13,780 or 20.46 percent.

Nine persons were injured in a three-car accident on Route 460 east of Nashville.

Deaths: Kate Watts Drake, 86, a native of Nashville; Earl Mangis, 71, of Oakdale; Ramsey Casner, 76, a native of Richview; George J. Kellerman, 74, of rural Pinckneyville; Henry “Hicks” Garlich, 67, of rural Okawville; George J. Waller, 64, of Lively Grove; Brian Eugene Shopinski, six-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. David Shopinski of Ashley; Froney V. Kallas, 31, of Centralia; Mary L. Erb, 84, of rural Marissa; and Fronie Golemboski, 77, formerly of Tamaroa.

Forty Years Ago

Keith Cripe purchased the Lorenz Bottling Company.

More than $1,000 in drugs and $100 in cash was taken from a break-in at the Longwell Clinic in Nashville. Approximately $900 in tools were taken in a burglary of the Miller Lumber Company in Irvington.

A Mt. Vernon man escaped from the Washington County Jail in Nashville, but was apprehended in Mt. Vernon the next day.

Kathy Going of Addieville was playing for the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville girls’ field hockey team.

Paula Holtz of Ashley was crowned Nashville High School Homecoming queen.

Lumbermen felled a burr oak six feet, nine inches in diameter with a 16-foot, nine-inch circumference on land in Elkhorn Creek bottoms tenanted by Elroy Brammeyer.

An insurance survey showed a majority of Washington County residents were overweight.

Mark A. Pieszchalski, 21, of rural Ashley was critically injured in an auto-tractor accident in Jefferson County.

Deaths: Amanda Louise Martens, 86, of Nashville; George F. Doelling, 72, of Venedy; Emma Woker, 87, formerly of New Minden; Helen Fieseler, 99, of Okawville; Pearl E. Rather, 73, a native of Nashville; Milton “Pete” Thomas, 64, of rural Pinkneyville; Mary Frances Atchison, 51, of Irvington; Anton H. Lintker, 80, of Okawville; Irene M. Hempen, 73, of Posey; and Pauline M. Muelken, 89, formerly of Venedy.

Thirty-Five Years Ago

Democrat Bill Windler was elected Washington County Treasurer over incumbent Republican Irene Going. Incumbent Republican County Board member Leo Zawaske lost to Republican newcomers Connie Brink, Gale Koelling and Marvin Haake in District No. 1. Incumbents Joe Kujawa and Charles Huston retained their seats. All other County races were uncontested.

Deaths: Mildred (Renwick) Brown, 89, a native of Nashville; Florence F. (Smugala) Paszkiewicz, 57, of rural Nashville; Patrick O. Lake, 25, of Lively Grove; Louise W. (Michael) Brink, 80, of Ferrin; Ben Brammeier, 68, of rural Nashville; Herman P. Todd, 81, a native of Oakdale; Nathan Ray Suedmeyer, 18, of Nashville; Mildred A. (Isbell) Campbell, 61, of rural Okawville; Dawn Marie “Lea” (Vandiver) Anderson, 25, of Long Beach, CA; Mary R. (James) McCauley, 78, of rural Coulterville; Victor J. Hoffman, 38, of Du Bois; and Fred Chilling, 76, of Centralia.

Weddings: Rita Faye Woodside and Richard Allen Kurtz, both of Tamaroa; and Sharon Kay Robinson and Albert L. Winfree, both of Utah.

Thirty Years Ago

The Okawville Village Board voted to use $10,500 in tourism tax monies for landscaping two blocks of Hanover Street east of Route 177.

Jerry Pitchford of New Athens was hired to coach varsity baseball at Okawville High School.

A five-pound bag of granulated sugar was 77 cents and 10 pounds of potatoes were $1.68.

Republican Charles Wayne Goforth announced his candidacy for a third term in the Illinois House from the Twenty Second District which included Washington County.

Deaths: Alvina Evelyn (Kujawa) Pytlinski, 68, of rural Ashley; Freda F. Lewis, 83, of Nashville; Clarence R. “Rye” Rylander, 69, of Ashley; Mary D. (Zaap) Schaeffer, 53, of rural Nashville; Florence Frieda (Keller) Schweickart, 68, of Carlyle; Etta Faye (Gentry) Kottkamp, 64, of Irvington; Artillia (Poirot) Fisher, 78, of rural Tamaroa; and Mary A. (Degenhardt) Loyet, 76, of Granite City.

Weddings: Jill Weihe and Alan Hohlt, both of Nashville; Jane Schaefer of Evansville and Rick Cook of rural Oakdale; and Kendra Leigh Dintelman of Bridgedon, MO, and Dr. William Sherman Turnage of Liberty, MO.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Dr. Pravej Itarut, a native of Thailand, was preparing to move his practice from Pinkneyville to join Dr. Methee Vanadilok in Nashville.

Dr. G.A. Goforth became one of the first Certified Medical Review Officers in the state.

The cross country Hornettes, coached by Ron Brown, became the first team in NCHS history to advance to the sectional meet.

A vampire wig was $2.99 and a Dracula blood kit was 99 cents at Lee’s Variety.

Deaths: Dorothy Brammeier, 73, of Oakdale; Opal Caraway, 68, of Robinson; Josephine Lifritz, 69, of Irvington; Bernard Meier, 94, of Nashville; Regina Obermeier, 78, of Centralia; Theodore Draege, 79, of Centralia; Marilyn Chapman, 60, of Tamaroa; and Elmer Kahrer, 74, of Albers.

Weddings: Amy Rhoades and John Tuttle; and Sandra Joy Bruyere of Benton and Brian Barciszewski of Du Bois.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Meyer (Carolyn Hake) of Hoyleton, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dalaviras (Christin Comer) of Cape Girardeau, MO, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barczewski (Tracy Zyph) of Du Bois, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nowakowski (Betz Nowicki) of Du Bois, a daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Czerniejewski (Cathy Francoeur) of Belleville, a son.

Twenty Years Ago

Dave and Barb Barker’s scarecrow display took first place in the Historical Society’s contest.

Stanley and Ora Mae Droege met cowboy movie star Roy Rogers at his museum in California.

Tom McFeron was inducted into the Illinois Wildlife Federation’s Hall of Fame.

Retired teacher Ron Brown organized a reunion of nine NCHS alumni who lived in Colorado when he visited his son there.

Baldwin House Agency, Inc. marked its 60th anniversary.

David Stiegman was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Interstate 64.

Other deaths: Erwin Frederking, 73, of Okawville; Dorothy Speedie, 88, of Belleville; Mabel Haumesser, 97, of New Minden; John Colgrave, 78, of Ashley; Leo Weber, 74, of Prarie du Rocher; Charles Witzel, 82, of Woodlawn; H. Addison Smith, 83, of Belleville; Nancy Schawel, 37, of Mundelein; Terry Barr, 41, of Highland; Esther Micheal, 90, of Hoffman; and Beulah Mansker, 86, of Okawville.

Weddings: Jan Hodapp and Scott Tate; Sheri Woker and Brett Stawar; and Christine Bateman and Jerry Leopold Jr.

Births: Chip and Pauline (Bevil) McCleary of Richview, a son; and Greg and Kelly (Rixmann) Burger of Okawville, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago

Dr. Alfonso Urdaneta was introduced to the Washington County Hospital Board. He hoped to establish a surgical practice here while continuing to work in the emergency room.

Washington County’s unemployment rate stood at 4.0 percent, up from 3.1 percent the year before.

Amanda and Gloria Bathon performed with the Southern Illinois Symphony at Nashville Community High School.

An extensive remodeling project was completed at Okawville Legion Hall.

Local grocery prices included $1.29 per pound for chuck roast and 68 cents for a head of lettuce.

Deaths: Dorothy Baker, 68, of Nashville; Albert Mozelewski, 72, of Nashville; Anna Hottes, 97, of Nashville; Marie Wolters, 74, of Aviston; Robert Lunnemann Sr., 64, of Pinckneyville; Aurelia Barnes, 91, of Pinckneyville; Bradley Camden, 40, of Hoyleton; Verline Baker, 71, of Okawville; Ray Szczeblewski, 83, of Tamaroa; and Helen Perschbacher, 86, of Okawville.

Weddings: Sarah Underwood and Christopher Buescher; and Alissa Cook and Wade Brickey.

Births: Chris and Denise Rennegarbe of Addieville, a daughter; and Kenny Krawczykowski Jr. and Melissa Grapperhaus of Carbondale, a son.

Ten Years Ago

The Nashville Community High School Cross Country teams prepared to compete at the State Finals.

Louis James Warren was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years in jail for the beating death of Daniel Kellerman. The Washington County Hospital endorsed the proposed TIF District on Nashville’s North Side.

Wyalan James was born to Jamie and Allison Bice of Lawrenceville. Maternal grandparents Rick and DeEllen Rainey hail from Nashville.

Stacy Lynn Berkemeier and Nicholas Eric Kolweier announced their October 27, 2007 wedding held in Okawville.

The NCHS Class of 1992 celebrated their 15-year reunion.

Deaths: Helen Klimaszewski, 98, of Florrissant, Mo., passed away on October 23, 2007. Willard Brink, 77, of Nashville, passed away October 24, 2007. Beulah Krzyzanoski, 84, of Nashville, died on October 25, 2007. Leona Gundlach, 76, of Richview, died on October 25.

Five Years Ago

Dave Davenport joined Washington County Hospital as the new head of the Human Resources Department.

U.S. Congressman John Shimkus visited Hoyleton School and spoke to the junior high science class who had completed an astronomy unit.

Kaskaskia College held a meeting of a Nashville Advisory Board.

There was a pep rally at Nashville Elementary School to get the students riled up for the winter sports season.

Births: Hayden Myers was born on September 26 to Danielle Droste and Dave Myers of Nashville; Benjamin Heckert was born on October 13 to Christopher and Briana Heckert; Reed Rincker was born August 31 to Micah and Nicol Rincker of Nashville.

Society: Erin Heckert and Joseph Asher announced their engagement; Nichole Nehring and Nathan Grzechowiak announced their engagement; Vera Isringhaus of Okawville celebrated her 90th birthday on October 27.

Deaths: Stanley Barczewski, 94, October 21; Dominic Zmudzinski, 89, of DuBois, October 27; Arthur Buhrman, 69, of Marietta, Ga., formerly of Nashville, October 22; Robert W. Poirot, 91, of Litchfield, formerly of Nashville, October 26.

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