October 25, 2017 Classic Photo: “Things Are Looking Up”

October 25, 2017 Classic Photo:
“Things Are Looking Up”

The Classic Photo featured here on October 25 showed four men looking up in what seemed to be a posed shot of some type.

Whether these four men are actually staring at something or are just posed that way, we couldn’t tell you. As is the case with many of the Classic Photos that we feature here, we don’t have any identifying details for them, nor is there any accompanying information on what is happening or why this photo might have been in the paper. The photo did have a stamp on the back from Schnare Studio, but that is fairly common with older photos that were once in this paper. If you know anything about what is happening here, or if you see someone that you recognize, please, get in touch with us and let us know. Thanks!

We heard from Bernice Snead who says that the photo was likely related to Tri-County Electric Cooperative somehow. She stated that one of the men was Hugh Downey, who worked for Tri-County out of Mt. Vernon, another was a Schnake, and the fourth man in the photo she recognized but didn’t remember the name of. The third man in the photo she didn’t mention.

Snead said that she was a Tri-County customer and remembered Downey, and that someone who worked for Tri-County in the 60s or 70s would likely know who they all were.

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