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City Of Nashville Hires Two New Employees

City Of Nashville Hires Two New Employees

By Alex Haglund

The City of Nashville announced two new hires at their first meeting of the month, held on the evening of Thursday, November 2.

The first hire was a full time administrative assistant, Nashville resident, Taylor Kesel, who will be working at both the Nashville Police Department and at Nashville City Hall.

Police Chief Brian Fletcher stated that about 15 interviews were conducted for different applicants for the position. Both Fletcher and City Clerk Terrie Kurwicki presided over the interview process because the position will be in both of their departments.

The second new hire was for the Nashville Utility Department, who will be employing Chad Hunt.

Hunt, “did very well in his interviews,” Utility Supervisor Blaine Middleton told the council members. “I think he will be a good addition to the utility department.”

Middleton also told council members that the utility department had taken possession of their new LED worklight, the purchase of which was approved at the last meeting. He stated that he thought that the light would be “a great addition to our safety program.”

A number of proposed ordinances were brought to the council at last meeting by Jay Colbrook and the Nashville Planning Commission on behalf of the Kirchner Family and NOLO.

The ordinances were approved at this meeting.

Ordinances 2017-6, 2017-7 and 2017-8 were annexations of parcels into the city of Nashville, while ordinances 2017-9 and 2017-10 were rezoning of those parcels from R1 to M1 (manufacturing).

The council approved the renewal of several city insurance policies through Baldwin House/Dimond Brothers in Nashville. The policies renewed included those for general liability, commercial auto, inland marine and employment practices liability.

Meeting Date Change

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Erik Rolf told council members that he would not be able to be present at the meeting to be held on Thursday, November 16, and stated that Kurwicki would not be able to be present then either.

He asked the other members of the council if the meeting could be rescheduled, and if not, stated that it could be held with another council member presiding in his place.

The council agreed to reschedule the meeting. It will now be held on Monday, November 20, at 7 p.m.

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