It Happened Here – November 8, 2017

It Happened Here – November 8, 2017

Eighty Years Ago

Sidney Finke was crowned king and Virginia Driskill was crowned queen at the Nashville High School carnival.

Deaths: Grover C. Morgan, 48, of Ashley; James M. Thompson, 83, of Nashville; Frank Yettke, 82, of Du Bois; Henry Setzekorn Sr., 75, of rural Du Bois; and Wilhelmine Peterson, 68, of Nashville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Republicans swept all County offices in the general election. Elected were W.P. Green as County Judge; Paul Johnson as County Clerk; Albert Gorman as Sheriff; H.C. Anderson as County Treasurer; and Kenneth Frieman as Superintendent of Schools.

A special documentary military film on the Battle of Midway was to be shown at the Main Theatre in Okawville.

Local grocery prices included Eatmore oleo at 16 cents a pound and beef brains at 12 1/2 cents a pound.

Deaths: Frederick Ernst Rizmann, 46, of St. Louis, Missouri; William Ellerbusch, 70, of Covington; and Caroline Heck, 75, of Du Bois.

Seventy Years Ago

A new gas field was being developed about five miles southeast of Nashville in Bolo Township.

Leo Jankowski Jr. bought Red’s Place tavern from his father. The tavern was across from the L&N depot in Nashville.

Albert and Harry Hale opened a donut shop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Deaths: Anna Meyer, formerly of Nashville; Maude Hendricks, 64, of Nashville; Emilie Muelken, 58, formerly of Nashville; Fred E. Kraft, formerly of New Minden; Elda Reinhardt, 50, formerly of Okawville; Mrs. George Brinkman, formerly of Addieville; William N. McCoy, 75, of Centralia; the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Barczewski Jr. of Pilot Knob Township; and Oscar William Tate, 82, of Ashley.

Sixty-Five Years Ago

Deaths: Anastasia Piotrowski; Mrs. Henry Barkau Sr. of Addieville; Harry Mueller, 51, formerly of Okawville; Charles W. Teel of East St. Louis; Barbara Sudhoff of Coulterville; and Theodore Weihe of rural Addieville.

Sixty Years Ago

Reverend E. Schlarmann was installed as pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Hahlen.

Fifty-Five Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Nelson opened a new drive-in sandwich shop on Route 127 at the south city limit of Nashville.

Fire of an undetermined origin destroyed the upstairs of the Traveler’s Inn at Du Bois.

Fire destroyed the Alfred Stern home in Lively Grove.

Republicans won tight races in the County general election. Winners included: William Boeschen for County Clerk; Virgil May for Sheriff; and Kenneth Frieman for Superintendent of Schools.

Florsheim shoes were featured at the Hohman Shoe Store in Nashville.

Deaths: Louise Krughoff of Nashville; Ervin Hoepker, 58, formerly of Addieville; Clifford Richards of Beaucoup; Lydia Weigel, 80, of Hoyleton; Minnie Moehlenkamp, 76, of Nashville; August L. Wyciskalla, 45, of Du Bois; Edward Droege, 63, of Irvington; Herman Theodore Hubler, 81, of Pinkneyville; William Koenig, 75, of Darmstadt; and Stella Mitchell, 82, of Ashley.

Fifty Years Ago

The Nashville High School marching band won a trophy at the Centralia Halloween parade.

Seven-year-old Richard Wells of New Minden was injured when he was struck by a car while crossing Route 127 near his home.

County officials were investigating break-ins at the Roy Armstrong Store in Irvington and the Elkendier School west of Nashville.

Lee Meier had his automobile stolen while parked on Main Street in Nashville.

Whole hams were 39 cents a pound and three, one-pound boxes of powdered sugar were 25 cents.

Deaths: Doris (Watson) Berry, 78, of Ashley; Frances Gajewski, 82, formerly of Ashley; Anton Czarnecki, 92, of Posen; Rowland P. Bowels, 73, of St. Louis, MO; Gerhard Hettenhausen, 69, of Okawville; Lillian (Czerniejewski) Wisniewski, 60, of Chicago; Elizabeth Lintker, 92, of St. Libory; and William H. Palm, 64, of rural Hoffman.

Forty-Five Years Ago

The Village Inn in downtown Du Bois featured Polish sausage plates at $1.85.

The Nashville City Council established two-hour parking zones around Washington County Courthouse.

Rob Habbe was the leading pass receiver for the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale varsity football team.

Deaths: Albert E. Hale, 86, of Nashville; George W. Nolte, 63, of Nashville; Mike F. Kuberski, 83, a native of Washington County; Leona Weinlein Fenn, 66, a native of Nashville; Mary Kraus, 84, of New Athens; Mrs. William Meyer, 74, of Okawville; Ben J. DeFend, 64, of rural Centralia; Frank Bury, 51, a native of Nashville; Frank Nowakowski, 91, of rural Tamaroa; Herman Middendorf, 94, formerly of Covington; Emma E. Sachtleben, 97, a native of Plum Hill; and Bertha L. Paul, 80, of Irvington.

Forty Years Ago

Dale Beimfohr announced he would be a Republican candidate for Washington County Clerk.

Harry M. Jankowski Jr. announced he would be a Republican candidate for Sheriff.

Shirley Gilter of Nashville represented Kaskaskia College in the Woman’s State Junior College tennis tournament.

Burglars stole an estimated $1,200 worth of items from the Irvington Grade School.

Deaths: Walter J. Lance, 71, of Nashville; Walter A. Bargiel, 64, of rural Nashville; Gerald L. Benedict, 48, a native of Swanwick; Walter R. Powel Sr., 79, of East St. Louis; Eunice L. Brandhorst, 86, a native of Hoyleton; Frank Joe Schaefer, 85, of rural Coulterville; Margaret Brockmeier, 82, of Belleville; Charles Glenn Hannah, 71, of rural Coulterville; and Theodore Chaput, 74, of Caseyville.

Weddings: Alice Ann Maschoff of rural Hoyleton and Kyle C. Moore of Centralia.

Thirty-Five Years Ago

Washington County Board awarded contracts to Krohne Construction Company of Okawville and Stiegman Brothers Construction Inc. of Nashville for renovations on the Washington County Courthouse.

Deaths: Pearl Weihe, 82, of Okawville; Henry Strate of Addieville; Walter P. Kraus, 89, of rural Okawville; Delmar P. Vance, 72, of rural Nashville; Willard H. Maschoff, 62, of rural Hoyleton Wanetta (Griddin) Belinski, 70, of rural Benton; Ola (Goldman) Schaefer, 80, of Pinckneyville; Rose Marie (Holston) Finke, 55, formerly of Nashville; Stanley J. Pelczynski, 66, of rural Du Bois; and Charles Wayer of Du Bois.

Weddings: Lisa Lynn Perjak and Mark Jonathan Krinski, both of Madison; and Valarie White of Chicago and Michael Perjak of Ashley.

Thirty Years Ago

Fire destroyed the Debra Blumhorst residence in the 800 block of North Mill Street in Nashville.

Voters in the Hoyleton Community Consolidated School District No. 29 approved a proposed $1.50 per $100 assessed valuation increase in the education fund by a vote of 337 to 49.

Jeannette Enders of Oakdale was honored with the St. Louis University Alumni award during Founders Week ceremonies.

Washington County’s unemployment rate was 9.2 percent.

Nashville High School’s varsity football team ended the regular season with a 22 to 21 win at Greenville to enter the state high school playoffs.

Deaths: Celestia Cordella (Bradley) Ross, 70, of rural Marissa; Elmer G. Grewe, 79, of Okawville; Clyde Dean Edmonds, 61, of Cape Coral, Florida; Allie (Moss) Hargrove, 81, of Benton; Joyce L. (Holloway) Smith, 69, of Mt. Vernon; Arthur R. Ziarnek, 48, of rural Scheller; Arthur J. Cook, 81, a native of Nashville; Opal (Marlow) Williams, 78, of rural Coulterville; Leah A, (Toedte) Huff, 79, a native of Hoyleton; and Laura J. Peithman, 69, of MiKinleyville, California.

Weddings: Karen Sue Kryger of rural Ashley and Mark Franklin Guenzburger of Carlyle; Celine M. McHale of Ivesdale and Christopher E. Walsch of Decatur; and Sharon Lynn Simon of Hampton, Virginia, and Ross John Toedte of Nashville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Gail Wolf (Brenda Sadich) of Okawville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Waltrip (Vickie Rennegarbe) of rural Okawville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hampton (Brenda Beckham) of Bonnie, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Eggeman (Lorene Easton) of Nashville, a son; and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kraus (Cheryl Murdock), a son.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

State Police trooper Dave Turner was teaching the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) class at NCHS.

Dennis Hatch upset incumbent Bill Pearcy in the state’s attorney’s race. Voters in West Washington County District 10 rejected a $625,000 building fund bond issue by 75 votes.

Washington County’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.2 percent.

October was the driest month since 1979 with only 1.61 inches of rain recorded here.

The football Hornets, under Coach Bruce Reeder, entered the IHSA playoffs with a 6-3 record.

Deaths: Linda Frederking, 37, of Okawville; James Jetton, 55, of Coulterville; Hedwig Schuette, 86, of New Minden; Ernest Wagner, 57, of Ashley; Gilbert Hake, 68, of DuQuoin; Ebert Pashea Sr., 62, of Dix; Frieda Sims, 89, of Addieville; Tony Prusacki, 90, of Du Bois; Florence Marlow, 78, of Tamaroa.

Weddings: Kimberly A. Betz of Dupo and Gerard D. Restoff of Hoyleton.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fieber (Brenda Mamell) of Hoyleton, a son.

Twenty Years Ago

Brad Harre was named Father of the Year by the Gateway Area Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

A Belleville man was arrested after he returned to rob First National Bank of Woodlawn for a third time in less than three months. A bank employee recognized him from an earlier robbery and alerted the police.

Washington County Hospital received the Enterprise Award for Best Business Practices for its alliance with SSM Health Care.

Mayor Ray Kolweier sawed a board instead of cutting a ribbon to mark the grand opening of Superior Lumber Co.

A Stihl chain saw was $169.95 at Nashville Lawn and Garden Equipment.

Deaths: Helen Krughoff, 88, of Nashville; Larry Smith, 52, of Energy; Jimmie Denton, 59, of Addieville; Timothy Young, 16, of Raleigh; Harold Reinhardt, 74, of Belleville; Sharon Price, 46, of Marissa; Dorothy Hannah, 84, of Coulterville; Lilian Haake, 86, of St. Ann, Missouri; Fay Ranft, 74, of Centralia.

Weddings: Annette Evans and Rodney Martin; Cynthia Zapp and Bart Picard; Traci Hackstadt and Jared Ramsey.

Births: James and Susan (Morris) Toner of Rexall Hills, Pennsylvania, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Loren T. Craig of Oakdale, a son; Keith and Kathy (Graul) Koch of Okawville, a son; Andrea Borowiak and Anthony Roberts of St. Louis, a son; Dana Hish and John Armey of Nashville, a daughter; Amber Fieber of Mesquite, Texas, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago

Incumbent Bill Windler defeated Arnold Rueter in the election for county treasurer, and Sheriff John Foster turned back a challenge from Everett Weems.

Voters in Ashley Fire Protection District approved two tax increases to upgrade firefighting equipment.

Mayor Raymond Kolweier was among a group of civic leaders pushing for a four-lane State Route 127. No plans had been made for how the highway would pass through Nashville.

Hoyleton Grade School received a grant of $8,550 from the Monsanto Fund for construction of a greenhouse.

A Cinderella Tea Party for Ladies at Wulf’s Red Riding Hood Inn was featured on Channel 5 TV.

ATV’s were stolen from David Unverfehrt and Brian Edwards.

Deaths: Katherine Turner, 57, of Nashville; Jamie Laur, 44, of Waltonville; Anna Mueller, 88, of Edwardsville; Cherri Hill, 40, of Ashley; Edward Zacheis, 90, of Oakdale; Aloysius Holtmann, 89, of Breese; Raymond Jankowski, 67, of Du Bois; Joseph Juenger, 70, of Oakdale; Carl Walden Jr. 78, of Norris City; Fred Jasper, 81, of Venedy; Virginia Valentine, 61, of Pinckneyville; Gladys Kleiboeker, 90, of Carlyle; William Herbert, 84, of Belleville.

Weddings: Stephany Brinkmann and John Kroeger.

Births: David and Melissa Rouse of Avon, Ohio, a son; Matt and Michelle Schorfheide of Springfield, a daughter; Jeffrey and Virginia Simmons of Elkins, West Virginia, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago

County workers, represented by IBEW Local 707 held an informational picket in front of the Washington County Courthouse. Rob Pochek, pastor of Lighthouse Community Church had his writing featured in “Illinois Good News Daily Devotion Guide: Centennial Edition.” The Hoyleton Children’s Home named Jim Manis as the new director of the Hoyleton Foundation.The City of Nashville put off the purchase of bulletproof vests for its police officers. Police Chief Martin Andrews asked the council to purchase level IIIA vests at a cost of $1,200 each. The Department had lower protection level IIA vests, but due to personnel changes, these did not fit some officers. The Board asked Andrews to investigate altering the current vests.

Sports: Reena Ruggles received an 11th place medal for her performance in the Cross County State Championships. The Trinity St. John/Immanuel

Lutheran School Titans won the Zion Belleville Tournament in seventh grade basketball. The Nashville Sectional tournament in volleyball was won by Breese Central.

Deaths: Donald Helms, 72, of Belleville, on October 31; Louraine Nowakowski, 79, of Pinckneyville, on November 5; Joseph Claytor, 77, of Anna, formerly of Mt. Vernon, on November 2; James Dintelman, 70, of Phoenix Ariz., on October 30; Lydia Tittle 84, of Broken Arrow, Okla., on October 28; Eugenia Wyciskalla, 97, of Mt. Vernon, formerly of Scheller, on October 31; Ronald Davis, 59, of New Bern, Tenn., formerly of New Minden, on October 27; Leo Wisniewski, 93, of Overland, Mo., on November 2.

Food Prices: Shelled Pecans were $4.99 for a 12 ounce package; Kroger sandwich bread 10 for $10; Russet potatoes were $1.99 for a 10 pound bag; Perdue chicken breast were $1.99 a pound.

Car Prices: A 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo cost $1,599, a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser cost $8,999, a 1996 Chevy S10 regular cost $2,695; a 2003 Kia Rio cost $5,850, and a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad SLT Dually with a Cummins Diesel Engine cost $38,995.

Five Years Ago

Students at Nashville Community High School were in preparation to bring “A Miracle on 34th Street” to the stage for three performances.

Washington County cast its ballots in the election, held on Tuesday, November 6. County Clerk Tom Ganz said that he expected voter turnout to be around 70-percent for the county.

A bomb threat was received by Quad County Readi-Mix in Okawville.

Daniel Janowski received his law license and was sworn in as a lawyer by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

Deaths: Ray Schilling, 81, of Nashville, November 6; Stanley Barczewski, 94, October 21; Alice Schmidt, 82, of Okawville, October 30; Julian Chesnek, 83, of Ashley, November 2; Elaine Evelyn Hogan, 87, of Creve Coeur, Mo., formerly of Ashley, November 3; Oliver Paul “O.P.” Hale, 85, of Sebastian, Fla., formerly of Nashville, November 2; Leona S. “Lee” Borowiak (nee Schlueter), November 2; Patricia W. Pinski (nee Hogan), November 4.

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