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Nashville Receives Ameren Progressive City Award

Nashville Receives Ameren Progressive City Award

By Alex Haglund

The City of Nashville was recognized at a ceremony at city hall on Monday morning, November 6, as a “Progressive City” by Ameren Illinois.

Nashville resident and Ameren sub-station supervisor Kelly Bauza presented the award to the city, and stated that he was honored to be able to do so.

Bauza stated that the Progressive City Award was to recognize cities that have worked to better the quality of life for their residents and businesses, “increase energy savings, and improve the overall economic competitiveness.”

In consideration for the award, Bauza went on to state that Ameren took into account 151 business and residential energy efficiency projects from June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017, which “generated more than $110,000 in overall energy savings.” Bauza also cited downtown and park LED lighting programs and recycling programs which are being made available to citizens.

Ameren representatives, Nashville elected and appointed officials and Nashville business owners were present at City Hall on the morning of Monday, November 6, when the city was recognized as a “Progressive City” by Ameren Illinois.

“Energy efficiency realized by the City of Nashville through Ameren efficiency programs is equivalent to removing over 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of our environment,” said Mayor Erik Rolf when accepting the award.

Rolf added that these energy savings were also equivalent to taking over 200 cars off of the road or to planting more than 34,000 trees.

Rolf thanked “all of our residents, and all of our businesses, especially businesses that have made changes in the last couple of years to high efficiency. The City of Nashville is committed to this and is glad to be partnered with Ameren on this.”

Rolf also offered his thanks to retired Nashville Mayor Ray Kolweier, who he said had presided over much of the one year span being considered for the award and who had worked towards many of the energy efficiency goals which the city was recognized for.

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