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Poem: The Colors Of Our Pride

Poem: The Colors Of Our Pride

By Rachael Dziaba

Red, white and blue the colors of our pride
The colors that adorn our veterans as they
Come home; war-battered and broken
With somber faces that only smile when
They see everything they left behind
Is there, waiting for them

Red for the blood shed and open wounds
The never-ending battle for our country
For their souls
Amidst the fiery burn of war and loss
The red hue of our enemies’ defeat
And the bitter joy of our victory

White for the pure faces of those
Who look up to veterans as heroes
Those who have never seen the war
And are radiant with their innocence
The white of guardian angels
Our veterans who take our country
Under their wing
And shield our children
From the battles that take place
On the ground and in their hearts

Blue for the tears that are shed
After seeing their home again
Not a shelter to hide in or gather supplies
But a place with their loved ones and hopes and dreams
The blue of a free, open sky where the
American Flag waves
Representing the same freedom
And the blue of our flag that holds 50 stars

Stars not for states or territories or any place on a map
But stars for people
Stars for the guardian angels, the fallen, the survivors
Stars for Veterans

Veteran’s Day Celebration

Amelia V. Carmel Jr. High School
November 9, 2017

Rachael Dziaba is the daughter of Vickie(Meyer) and Rich Dziaba of O’Fallon, and the granddaughter of Roland and Loretta Meyer of Nashville.

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