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It Happened Here – November 15, 2017

It Happened Here – November 15, 2017

Eighty Years Ago

Doc Doel and his seven piece orchestra were to entertain at the Armistice Day dance in Nashville’s Woodman Hall. An added attraction was a balloon shower. Admission was 35 cents.

Thieves stole 40 bushels of wheat from a granary at the Paul Musial farm in Bolo Township.

The Missouri and Illinois railroad asked to discontinue its Sunday passenger train service between Salem and Kellogg which passed through Nashville.

The Nashville City Council adopted a recommendation from the water committee to disconnect persons with bills more than two months overdue.

A talking picture show was to be shown at Bendrick’s Hall in Du Bois.

Popcorn was 5 cents a pound.

Deaths: Fred Hassler, 89, of Nashville; Louise Petri, 75, of Nashville; Chester R. Meffert, formerly of rural Ashley; William J. Brammeier, 74, of rural Okawville; William Backs, 74, formerly of rural Okawville; and Mrs. Herman Seibert, 55, of East St. Louis.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Registration was to be held in Nashville on two days for gasoline rationing books for private passenger automobiles.

Beef steak was 39 cents a pound.

Deaths: J. A. Hogshead, 79, of Huey; Maggie H. E. McConnell, 77, of Lively Grove; Louis Klingenberg, 74, of rural Irvington; Chris Juenger Sr., 77, a native of Lively Grove; Bernhardt Sommer, 77, of Elkton; Charles McNail, 75, of Ashley; and the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Povolish of rural Beaucoup.

Seventy Years Ago

Voters in the Hoyleton School District voted 14-0 to sell seven one-room school houses which had been used prior to consolidation.

Dr. Charles Longwell bought the former American Legion Home on East Elm Street in Nashville.

Deaths: Henry Weilmuenster Sr., 78, of Lenzburg; Fred Heine, 34, formerly of Nashville; Ada G. Tate, 90, of Beaucoup; Edward Tucker, 92, of rural Ashley; Julia Peek, 98, of Washington, Indiana; and the infant son of Howard and Irma Beckmeyer of Irvington.

Sixty-Five Years Ago

The Nashville City Council restricted the use of water in the City to only essential purposes due to the low level in the reservoir.

Deaths: Frank Schott, 72, of Radom; Henry J. Daum Sr., 77, of Richview; Henry Woker, 83, formerly of Hoffman; Winfred H. Werre of Newburgh, New York; Henry Jausel, 71, of Swanwick; Anna Wilhelmina Barkau, 86, of Stone Church; and Julia Etta Mueller, 93, formerly of Nashville.

Sixty Years Ago

Raymond Pitts of Du Bois suffered minor injuries when he drove his auto off an unfinished ramp of the Mark Twain Expressway near Third Street and Franklin Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri.

George Diedrich suffered relatively minor injuries, but lost his overalls, underwear and one sock when he was caught in the power takeoff of a combine.

Fire destroyed the five room frame home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jezewiak three miles east of Ashley.

Deaths: William Ohlemeyer, 79, of Nashville; Ollie Irene Cunningham, 68, of Nashville; Elizabeth Reading, 67, of Du Bois; Martin Husman, 69, a native of Hoffman; Mima McCormick, 82, of Nashville; Lorna Tonsing, 45, a native of Frogtown; and Anna Lesemann of Nashville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago

Twelve cars of an L&N freight train derailed and tore up over 500 feet of track a quarter mile west of the depot in Okawville.

Sophie Schroeder, 73, was critically injured when she was struck by an auto near her home on Route 127 south in Nashville.

George Daum of Covington was seriously injured when he was caught in a circular saw.

A suspect in the burglary of the Otwell grocery store in Richview was turned over to Indiana authorities for extradition on earlier charges.

Deaths: Emilie Templemeier, 75, of Okawville; Stella Snyder, 84, of Radom; Julius Temme, 90, of Okawville; Clara Tillie Sonnek, 61, of Radom; Cora E. McKinzie, 80, of Ashley; Emma Harbke 79, formerly of Okawville; Kathryn Dawes, 85, a native of Okawville; and George Fischer, 72, of Nashville.

Fifty Years Ago

Nashville was notified by the Illinois Department of Health that its landfill was in violation of state law prohibiting open dumping, open burning and the Illinois Air Pollution Control Law.

Turkey was 29 cents a pound and Grade A large eggs were 39 cents a dozen.

B&W Gulf Service on Route 127 at Elm Street in Nashville gave triple plaid stamps daily and five for one on Wednesdays.

Deaths: John E. “Junior” Haun of St. Thomas, North Dakota; John Louis Finke, 78, of Okawville; Nettie Marie (Stevenson) Prest of rural Marissa; Lawrence J. Bollmeier, 61, of

Oakdale; Mary Delphia Moore, 76, of Belle Rive; and Floyd W. Patton, 73, of rural Tilden, killed when his pickup truck was struck by a southbound Illinois Central passenger train in Tilden.

Forty Years Ago

Walter Kottmeyer of rural New Minden was seriously injured when he was pinned under a combine he and his nephew were repairing.

The state forbade Nashville from adding new customers to its sewer system because of overloading at the sewer treatment plant, which was designed for a population of 3,600.

Over five inches of rain fell on Washington County in a 48 hour period causing flooding and hazardous driving conditions.

Tom Hale moved from the Sheriff’s residence at the Washington County Jail to make room for jail renovation.

A meeting of the Washington County Advisory Council to the Kaskaskia Community Action Agency was held for the purpose of settling a handicap workshop started in

Nashville. Members of the steering committee were: Charles Townsend, Imogene Jones, John Sedivy, Charles Dunning, Vaughn Baldridge, Len Hogan Jr., Lloyd Patton and Florence Bailey.

Fire of an undetermined origin destroyed a barn at the former J. B. Carson farm near Oakdale owned by Fred Endres.

Deaths: Edwin Harmening of New Minden; Raymond W. Harre, 58, of Nashville; Clark Roberson, 97, of Mt. Vernon; Clarence DeMoss, 66, of Villa Park; Albert Fontana, 50, of Pinckneyville; Edna (Gill) Slama, 59, a native of Washington County; and Walter Haake of Rosebud, Missouri.

Forty Years Ago

Washington County Board appointed members to a Zoning Commission to compose land use ordinances for the county.

The Nashville District No. 49 Board of Education voted to seek a referendum raising the building fund by 20 cents per $100 assessed valuation and 58 cents per $100 assessed valuation in the education fund.

Deaths: Walter H. Schrader, 74, of Okawville; Emilie Louis, Caroline Eggeman, 87, of Okawville; Nelson F. Brockman, 70, of Breese; Bryan Lee Houser, 46, of Centralia; Anthony L. Rutter, 75, of St. Libory; and Pearl Nader, 78, formerly of Plum Hill.

Weddings: Martha A. Haertling and Tom Polczynski, both of Nashville; Susanne Heisner of rural Pinckneyville and Dave Liszewski of St. Louis, Missouri; Susan R. Speraneo and Jerold H. Hohlt, both of Okawville; Joyce A. Blank of Chicago Heights and Joseph R. Norris of Waltonvile; and Cheryl Borowiak of Richview and Brian Bayles of Centralia.

Thirty Years Ago

Turkey was 78 cents a pound and sweet yams were five pounds for $1.

Greer Chipboard was officially opened in rural Coulterville to turn waste such as sawmill residue, bark and edgings into chipboard.

Deaths: Thelma B. (Eise) Schmidt, 79, of Nashville; Ada Pearl (Breeze) Corner, 88, of Irvington; Henry “Red” Strate, 72, of Addieville; Oscar Henry Roeckeman, 90, a native of Hoyleton; Samuel E. Schmittler, 54, of Springfield; Arol C. Preston, 72, of rural Olney; Cordell C. Jarrett, 81, of Coulterville; and Pearl (Hoffman) Wiehe, 82, of Okawville.

Weddings: Patricia Small and Bill Baker both of Nashville; Ernest Edward Restoff and Ardelle Anne Krebel; and Laura Mae Caswell of Nashville and James Schmersahl of Lively Grove.

Thirty Years Ago

Washington County Board, in a cost-cutting move, reduced each County office’s budget line for supplies by 10 percent, and then passed a $2,813,050 budget which included $311,000 in deficit spending.

CSX announced plans to abandon its rail line between East St. Louis and Evansville, Indiana, which ran through Nashville in the next two years.
Reverend Dale Vartels was installed as a pastor of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Nashville.

Nashville High School’s varsity football team lost to Red Bud, 28-13, in the opening round of the state football playoffs.

Deaths: Eva E. (Stanick) Borowiak, 76, of rural Ashley; Edwin H. Twenhafel, 89, a native of Hoyleton; Helen (Edwards) Finke, 65, of Decatur; Albert William Brinkmann, 86, of Centralia; George H. Knottkamp, 65, of Irvington; and Reverend Arno Meyer, 82, of St. Louis, Missouri.

Weddings: Annette Marie Kolweier of Nashville and David Gary Hanlon of Belleville; Monica Jean Reinkensmeyer and Ernst Robert Irwin, both of Nashville; Diana Fehrman of rural Nashville and Joe Kurwicki of Nashville; and Pamela Sue Brinkman and Richard Patrick Shelton, both of Carbondale.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bathon (Donna Boehne) of Nashville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carviou (Cindy Graf) of Appleton, Wisconsin, a daughter; and Mrs. and Mrs. Stanley Brammeier (Brenda Miller), a daughter.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

James Friend of Nashville, the county’s oldest voter at 104, was pictured voting in the recent election. He said he cast his first ballot for Grover Cleveland for president.

City police were issuing verbal warnings to teens who were congregating at the Kroger parking lot.

Mater Dei ended Nashville’s football playoff hopes.

Eight pieces of fried chicken cost $8.99 at Hardee’s.

Deaths: Donald Meier, 30, of Miami Beach, Florida; Louise Klie, 83, of Hoyleton; Joseph Sekardi, 77, of Zieger; Gladys Bryant, 83, of Centralia; Emma Ostendorf, 92, of Addieville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Barry Morris (Jeanne Templeton) of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Spenner (Gina Watts) of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Archambault (Donna Kania) of Maryland Heights, Missouri, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago

Sue Finke was elected president of Nashville Community High School Board of Education.

Farmers and Merchants National Bank purchased $1.1 million in bonds at 4.2 percent interest for construction of an eight-classroom addition to the Middle School.

A ribbon was cut marking the opening of the Dollar General store.

Iva Herzog was preparing to celebrate her 104th birthday.

Young people from St. Paul United Church of Christ, under the supervision of Kris and Karl Huckshold, were planning to serve Thanksgiving dinners to those who had no place else to celebrate the holiday.

Turkey was 57 cents a pound and pumpkin pies were $2.99 at Kroger.

Deaths: Orwin Ostendorf, 80, of Addieville; Alden Muenter, 75, of Hoyleton; Oliver Droege, 88, of Venedy; Lawrence Weihe, 72, of Okawville; Darrell Boatright, 63, of Hoffman; Eugene Prusacki, 66, of Tilden; Earl Kolweier, 72, of Nashville; Leroy Brink, 67, of Centralia; Mark Godbey Sr., 37; Annabelle, Gruner, 75, of Murphysboro; Alfred Rueter, 82, of Carlyle.

Weddings: Elizabeth Pennington and Jason McKinley; Janet Huffstutler and Matt Holthe.

Fifteen Years Ago

After months of negotiation, Nashville City Council voted to pay $125,000 for three acres where old Nashville Milling Co. stood.

Nashville Chamber of Commerce heard a presentation from Peabody Energy on the Prairie State Energy Campus. The company was in the process of obtaining permits from the EPA.

Midwestern Machine & Hydraulics moved its Nashville plant to Mt. Vernon.

The county HCE held its Christmas program with 97 in attendance.

Since October 1, 14 deer related vehicle accidents had been reported around the county.

A citizens’ group was formed to oppose the expansion of State Route 127 to a four-lane highway.

Local grocery prices included $1.69 per pound for boneless ham and 59 cents for a dozen large eggs.

Deaths: Mildred Lehde, 88, of Okawville; Leonard “Bobo” Paszkiewicz, 65, of Nashville; Martin Bening, 80, of Okawville; Larry Jones, 67, of Sandoval; Bertha Buescher, 96, of St. Libory; Ida Bathon, 95, of Pinckneyville.

Births: Robert and Dee Anna Pedtke of Nashville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bruno of Addieville, a daughter; Tom and Nikki Jablonski of Oakdale, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago

Baptist Preacher Dr. Gene Howard, a John Wayne impersonator, presented a program called “Patriotism and Sacrifice” at the First Baptist Church in Nashville.

A number of contested races were announced after candidates filed to enter the February Primary Race, including a contested nominations for coroner.

Anniversaries: Belden and Berneda Campbell of Nashville announced their 60th wedding anniversary on November 25; Waldo and Alene Klingenberg of Nashville celebrated their 40th anniversary on November 25; Randy and Chris Newcomb of Ashley celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in July of 2007 with a trip to Orlando; Alan R. and Jill Bowers of Nashville celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on November 18.

Prices, Cars: A 2007 Lincoln Navigator cost $48,985, while a 1992 Lincoln Town Car could be had for only $1,795. Food: Whole turkey breast went for $1.29 a pound, Kroger brown and serve rolls were $0.88 a package, and Coke or Pepsi 12-packs were three for $9.

Deaths Elroy Brammeyer, 83, of Nashville, died on November 9; Paul Bathon, 81, of Florissant, Mo., died November 7; Monsignor Angelo Lombardo, 78, died November 5; Elmer Pruehsner, 78, of Belleville, died November 7.

Five Years Ago

Following Washington county elections on Tuesday, November 6, Charlie Meier was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, Heath Hooks was elected Washington county State’s Attorney, and Dan Emge was elected as the county’s resident judge.

Authorities released a sketch of a suspect in the robbery of Old Exchange Bank in Okawville, which occurred on August 29.

Jerry Waller moved the Bernard Waller cabin, assisted by crews from Tri-county electric, who raised an lowered power lines along the cabin’s route to let it pass.

Deaths: Harvey W. Cramer, 85, of Nashville, November 6; Kenneth Frederick Markwardt, 84, of Harlingen, Texas, formerly of Nashville, November 10.

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