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Paint Night!

Paint Night!

By Alex Haglund

Things are about to get very, very colorful at Nashville Community High School. A student art group, called “Project Paint” has started up with the goal of adding paintings and other art to NCHS to beautify the place.

Project Paint’s first project is actually a fundraiser to help them get a leg up on those that will follow. That fundraiser is Paint Night, being held on Saturday, December 9, from 6 to 9 p.m.

At the paint night, adults, students and children can all buy a canvas in one of a handful of designs, and can then paint and decorate it to fit their own style.

There are four 16X20 inch canvas designs, either Hornets or Holidays, and the cost is $35 per canvas for adults or $30 for students. For children (age 12 and under), there are two designs on 11X14 canvases, and the cost for those is $20 each.

All paints and other art supplies will be supplied for Paint Night guests, and Project Paint students will be on hand to assist as well.

Students with Project Paint!, and their sponsor NCHS art teacher Danielle Schultz, display canvases and designs that will be available for their Paint Night, being held on Saturday, December 9, as a fundraiser for Project Paint’s future plans.

Paint Night was supported by The Nashville Optimist Club, said Project Paint sponsor and NCHS art teacher Danielle Schultz. Schultz put in an application with the Optimists and received funds for Paint Night that helped to pay for the canvases and paints.

Project Paint’s first beautification projects will be murals around the school, with the supplies for those purchased with (hopefully) the funds raised from Paint Night.

Project Paint students say that they have already been talking to various teachers and department heads to help get an idea of what their murals might have in them to visually represent their area of study. The suggestions Project Paint has been getting run from the general to very, very specific (like specify an artist’s style they hope the mural is influenced by).

In Schultz’s classroom, the NCHS art room, situated between the school’s main entrance and Assembly Hall, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, members of Project Paint work to prepare for Paint Night, work on their own art projects, and begin their plans for the mural project.

Already, there are several large canvases for the planned murals which occupy space along the walls in Schultz’s room.

Students say that in addition to the large department murals, there are also plans for smaller, wider murals, either panoramas or multiple part pieces, which will occupy the walls above the lockers in NCHS hallways, now mostly bare.

“It think it will be good for the younger kids to be able to see these and get interested in art,” said one of the Project Paint students, adding that it would show them, “the wide range of things that you can do in art.”

For right now, Project Paint has plans for paintings, on the NCHS grounds. The Project Paint students though, are into many different art styles and mediums.

In the future, Project Paint might include art other than paintings – sculpture and multimedia work, for example, and could someday stretch out into the community from the school. It all depends on the community’s response to the group, which is still in its infancy right now.

For Paint Night, Project Paint members are excited, not just for the fundraising opportunity, but for the event itself.

When people pay, they can reserve whichever canvas design they would like, and all they will need to do is to pick their colors. “It’s kind of like paint-by-numbers,” the students said.

The paintings will make a good gift, or perhaps the gift could even be bringing someone to Paint Night – it promises to be a fun and unique event for would-be artists of any age.

There are 40 tickets available for the event, and the students hope that guests will make a reservation – so that they can be prepared with plenty of designs, canvases and paint.

To purchase a ticket and select a canvas, contact Schultz at (618) 327-8286, extension 31, or at Reserve seats by December 2 (one week prior to the event) to guarantee your choice of canvas.

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