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What Are Happy Days Pre-Schoolers Thankful For?

What Are Happy Days Pre-Schoolers Thankful For?

Happy Days Preschool teachers asked their students what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Here are their answers:

Kinsley–Mila my friend, my teachers, my baby brother, mom, dad, my warm house, my warm coat

Wrynlee–Miss Kelly, Miss Mary, Fall leaves, food, policemen

Sadie–Trolls, my mom, dad, my sisters, my cows, Grandpa–really just my whole family.

Pensley–Firefighters, soldiers and my family

Mila–The “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”song. yogurt

Evelyn–Mommy, daddy, Trolls, Grandpa, Grandma, pizza, my house

Jaxon–food, Kimber, my house, Walker my brother, Fisher my friend, Trooper the dog, ice cream, Christmas and the boat we get to play on at school

Miles–my family, policemen, soldiers, warm sweatshirts, my house, a comfy couch, my bed, my house

Paxton–Four wheelers, toys, motorcycles, mommy, daddy, Harrison and Anderson

Fisher–mommy, daddy, YaYa, Miss Kelly, Miss Mary, pizza, my house

Damon–Daddy, Grandma, my house, Tyse, Tiegan, Miss Mary, pizza, bacon, jackets

Carver–mommy, daddy, Papa, Grammy, puppies

Augusta–my sister, my cousins ,my mom, dad, my other cousins, chicken nuggets

Levi–the soldiers, my mom, toys, dad

Maecie–Daddy, that’s all–just Daddy

Arkada–Daddy, mommy, ice cream

Arya–Mommy, Coco the kitty cat, Fruit Loops, Daddy, French Fries

Adeline–my cousins

Leann–the whole entire world


Lucy–my guinea pig

Wyatt–my mom and dad

Emma–my mom who does stuff for me

Jazzlynn– my mom and dad


Lilah–my Grandma and my toys

Maggie–my family

Harper–my baby brother–that’s all!!

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