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New Model Trains Put In At Depot

New Model Trains Put In At Depot

After pictures with Santa, children visiting the L&N Depot in Nashville could get a cookie, or check out the new model train set that has been put in at the Depot.

The train set was just put in at the Depot, by David Rolf, who was running two trains Saturday, one of which was marked as the Polar Express.

Nearly all of the landscape that the trains ride through was handmade by Rolf.

David Rolf stands by the new train set he constructed which is at the Depot. On Saturday, Rolf was running a pair of trains through the set.

The trains are “O” gauge, and Rolf said that he had plenty of trains that could operate on the track, but for the Christmas season, he will be running some brand new ones – they look nicer.

The scenery made by Rolf includes a town and buildings, a mountain, and a coal depot, which was mostly made from scratch by Rolf (other buildings were not made by him, the landscape and features were).

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