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Hoyleton – November 29, 2017

Hoyleton – November 29, 2017

Patricia Rensing

Trinity Lutheran Church is taking orders for 2 sets of double DVD cases, each containing two 2-hour DVDs (up to 8 hours per set).

Deadline for orders is December 3. Volume 1: “150 Year Anniversary: The Pastors” will include a recording of the 8 guest ministers’ sermons, plus Pastor Wollenburg. Volume II: “150 Year Anniversary: Service and Plays” will include the opening March 12th celebration service, introductions at the Activity Center following the March 12th service, a slide show of 320+ pictures, a recording of the Cemetery Walk, the Luther Day play, interview selections, etc.

There is a short two minute menu on each DVD, along with chapter stops. The cost is $15 per double set or $25 for both Volumes I & II.

Please contact the office 618-493-6226 for ordering information.

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