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Kuberskis Celebrate 70 Years Of Marriage

Kuberskis Celebrate 70 Years Of Marriage

The Kuberski Family will be celebrating their parents 70th wedding anniversary on November 8.

Charles and Mary Kuberski were married at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in 1947 by Father Halbig.

Charles is the son of Sylvester and Joann Kuberski of DuBois.

Mary is the daughter of John and Franie Kamadulski of Nashville.

Back in 1947 Charles and Mary met at a dance at Eddie’s Black Top Dance Hall in DuBois.

Three months later they were married. Mary was sixteen years old and Charles was twenty-one years old.

They knew they wanted to spend their life together. The wedding reception lasted for three days.

Charles and Mary never went on a honeymoon or vacation.

They are the parents of seven children, including Gene Kuberski who had died at birth.

They are the grandparents of twenty-four grandchildren, and twenty-eight great grandchildren.

They worked all their life on the Dairy and Grain Farm in DuBois,

They still work hard by making a big garden every year to help the food pantries. Even though Charles has dementia he still helps some.

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