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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Nashville – December 6, 2017

Susan Roethemeyer

Giving thanks at Thanksgiving is something most people do as a matter of course. It is an automatic mind-set of the time of year.

This is a bit late for Thanksgiving, but truthfully, giving thanks is something we ought to do all year long.

Being grateful should not be for just one time of the year, but for every day and every hour of the day

Here are some of my “Thank You”s. You can make some of your own.

Thank you for family who support me in my endeavors.

Thank you for my best friend, who helps me out in times of need.

Thank you for those who treat me like family even if I’m not!

Thank you for good neighbors and good friends.

Thank you for an understanding landlord.

Thank you for a good harvest safely in from the fields.

Thank you for Perry Mason, Mom’s last pet cat, who enlivened her last years, giving unconditional love and furry purrs.

Thank you for my cats Perry and Stanley: Perry who reminds me of Mom, and Stanley who reminds me of Dad because Dad named him before he passed away six years ago.

Thank you for my writing talent that makes this story possible!

Thank you for a good car that runs pretty good most of the time.

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