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November 19, 2017 Chicken and Dumpling Dinner Raffle Winners

November 19, 2017 Chicken and Dumpling Dinner Raffle Winners

1. Queen size quilt donated by Albert and Mary Ann Ryterski won by Janet Harris of Tamaroa.

2. Emergency/Safety Items donated by Jeanette Pedtke won by Mary Springer of Cleveland, TX

3. Surprise donated by Mark and Michelle Gill won by Lionel Ryterski of Carbondale.

4. $25 Cash donated by Jim and Carol Cange won by Rose Mary Kujawa of Scheller.

5. $50 Cash donated by Genevieve Barnowski won by Andy Schubert of Tamaroa.

6. $25 Cash donated by Billy Joe Bathon won by Benjamin Niedbalski of Nashville.

7. $100 Cash donated by Ron and Linda Gill won by Carl Tebbe of Nashville.

8. $25 Cash donated by Roger and Carol Porter won by M/M Tim Mazzanti of San Antonio, TX

9. Surprise donated by Lana Bathon won by Carol Cange of Nashville.

10. Gift Card donated by Ray and Pat Stanowski won by Amy Pedtke of DuBois.

11. $50 Cash donated by Bob and Laura Ryterski won by Margaret Patton of Nashville.

12. $25 Cash donated by William and Marsha Bathon and Family won by Joann Mossa of DuQuion,IL

13. 5lbs of Hamburger donated by Kevin and Shirley Kellerman won by Lynlee Hill of Tamaroa.

14. $100 Cash donated by Gene and Sylvia Hagene won by Fr. Bernard Goedde of Nashville.

15. $30 Cash donatedby Jim and Barb Forys won Taryn Pabst of Pinckneyville.

16. $50 Cash donated by Andy and Ann Schubert won by Justin Gill of Oakdale.

17. Knick Knack Shelf donated by Tim Bronke won by Marlene Loucks of Tamaroa.

18. Surprise donated by Judy Needham won by Richard Bonk of Nashville.

19. $50 Cash donated by Roger and Rosellen Greten won by Daley Buchanan of Nashville.

20. $25 Cash donated by Lawrence F. Bathon won by Addy Robinson of Tamaroa.

21. $100 Cash donated by Florence Gill won by Pauline Nehrkorn of Pinckneyville.

22. $50 Cash donated by Tim and Diane Kellerman won by Douglas J. Kellerman of Pinckneyville.

23. Statue of St. Francis donated by Robert and Lisa Hepburn Family won by Mary Niedbalski of Nashville.

24. $25 Cash donated by Alfred and Doris Bathon won by Larry Lamczyk of Pinckneyville.

25. $25 Cash donated by Bill and Connie Heisner won by Louis Kellerman of Pinckneyville.

26. $25 Cash donated by Jon Hunter and Amy Pedtke won by Brittney Huff of Coulterville.

27. $50 Cash donated by Norbert Ryterski won by Albert Ryterski of Nashville.

28. $100 Cash donated by Stan and Lavonne Morris won by Carl Tebbe of Nashville.

29. Surprise donated by Mary Ann Bathon won by Mary Ann Ryterski of Nashville.

30. $25 Cash donated by Bud and Genny Gill won by William G. Bathon of Pinckneyville.

31. Two quilted pillows donated by Dorothy Suchomski won by Bernice Winka of Ashley.

32. $50 Cash donated by Pauline Nehrkorn won by Gertrude Ruppet of Pinckneyville.

33. $50 Cash donated by Doug and Carrie Valentine won by Jessica Hill of Tamaroa.

34. $25 Cash donated by Amy Pedtke and Jon Hunter won by Jeff Suchomski of Pinckneyville.

35. $100 Cash donated by Joe Baudison won by Trenton Neiebalski of Nashville.

36. $50 Cash donated by Ed and LaVina Kellerman won by Mike Coop of Evansville.

37. $50 Cash donated by Kathy Ryteski won by Rick Rainy of Nashville.

38. $50 Cash donated by Edward Jones/Harry Easley won by Darryl Kellerman of Pinckneyville.

39. Hillshire Farms Meat and Cheese Collection and Box of Chocolates donated by Rev. Bernard Goedde won by Raymond Stanowski of Nashville.

40. $25 Cash donated by Raymond and DeeDee Baudison won by Linda Reidelberger of Pinckneyville.

41. $50 Cash donated by Adam and Sarah Ryterski won by Jim Caldwell of Pinckneyville.

42. $100 Cash donated by Dr. Robert Davidson Family won by Getrude Ruppert of Pinckneyville.

43. Copper Chef Pro 5 Piece XL Bake and Crisp Pan donated by Bob and Debbie Bennett won by George and Rita Wyciskalla of Scheller.

Special Autumn Gift Basket donated by Hope Rueter won by Tammy Eisenhauer of Pinckneyville.

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