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What Do Kids From Nashville Want From Santa?

What Do Kids From Nashville Want From Santa?

It’s a joyous time of year, and nowhere is that as apparent than in the hearts and minds of children.

One of the Many pages of letters to Santa from Washington County children – pick up the December 13, 2017 edition of The Nashville News to see all the letters!

This week’s edition of The Nashville News features letters to Santa written by children from schools all around Washington County.

The Santa Letters are on pages A4-A7 and B4-B10.

While we have made every effort to keep classes and even schools together on these pages, certain letters may not be together with others due to formatting constraints. Please keep your eyes open looking for letters, or ask your child what they asked for if you are wondering if a letter might be theirs.

All letters have been typed as we have received them from the schools and while we have tried to be as accurate as possible, when it comes to interpreting the handwriting of children, some very young, there are bound to be some errors – please excuse any you may encounter.

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