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Heading To NIT Games? NCHS Club Asks You To Recycle Your Plastic Bottles

Heading To NIT Games?
NCHS Club Asks You To Recycle Your Plastic Bottles

By Alex Haglund

Sometimes, the best way to make things change is just to begin doing something and let others join in. A month or two ago,” we started with just a few people helping out, and it has transformed into a club with about thirty students,” said Nashville Community High School Senior Kaitlyn Simons.

Simons started up NCHS’ new recycling club, along with faculty sponsor Sara Kollbaum. Right now, Simons and the club hope to ramp up recycling at NCHS, starting with plastic bottles being tossed out at basketball games and in the cafeteria.

The NCHS Recycling Club also has a longterm goal of “trying to spread awareness in the community, and to get more people to do it at their homes,” Simons said.

NCHS Senior Kaitlyn Simons, with the old, LEFT, and new, RIGHT, recycling containers that are being used to collect plastic bottles at Assembly Hall.

“We’re also trying to raise awareness of recycling at the basketball games, so whenever people are in attendance at the games, they’ll notice the receptacles that we have put out there,” Simons said.

Simons said that last year, there were more than 7,000 plastic water, soda and Gatorade bottles that were thrown out, just at boys varsity basketball games.

Now, there are numerous red-lidded containers both at Assembly Hall and at the NCHS cafeteria for the recycling of bottles. There is also a plastic bottle container made for recycling – with another that will soon be purchased.

The first one was purchased with a donation from Simons’ family. The second came from a donation made by the NCHS National Honor Society and Scholar Bowl, who held a holiday trivia night on Monday, December 11, and gave half the proceeds to the recycling club.

“We have one container that’s shaped like a giant bottle for collecting them and what we’re wanting to do is to move away from using the red lid containers altogether and solely rely on the bottles instead,” Simons said.

NCHS Principal Mark Begando mentioned the Recycling Club, Simons and Kollbaum during his report to the NCHS Board at their December meeting, held on the evening of Monday, December 18.

“We’re not capturing every piece of plastic yet,” Begando told the board, “but we have to start somewhere.”

Begando praised the club’s efforts, saying that, “we are starting to see more bottles that are being put into those receptacles,” at the baskeball games.

One of the reasons that Simons wants the community to be aware of the recycling club is due to the all of the post-christmas basketball games coming up. With lots of people in attendance, there will be lots of bottles used and tossed, and lots of opportunities to recycle.

“During the Nashville Invitational Tournament and just during the regular home season for boys and girls basketball, we would ask the support of the community in joining in our effort to help save the planet by recycling all of the plastic bottles that are used at the games,” Simons said.

Simons also again asked the community to assist the recycling club in any way possible in order to help purchase more of the plastic bottle recycling containers to help expand their collection efforts further.

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