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City Of Nashville Hires Two Police Officers

City Of Nashville Hires Two Police Officers

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council approved the hiring of two new police officers, Joshua Stevens and Jeff Heinzl, at their second meeting of the month, held on the evening of Thursday, December 21.

Police Committee chair Josh Fark stated that there were “two spots open, two spots which we are required to fill under contract with the F.O.P.” Fark said that interviews had been conducted with himself and Police Chief Brian Fletcher and that they were ready to present recommendations to the council.

The council approved the hiring. “Jeff (Heinzl) has the academy,” said Fletcher, telling the council, “his first day, depending on your approval, will be January 2.”

The Nashville City Council approved the hiring of two new police officers. The two were present at the council second December meeting. LEFT, Joshua Stevens, RIGHT Jeff Heinzl.

Stevens will attend the Police Academy and will be in training with the Nashville Police Department until it is completed.

On another item of police business, “the new squad car is good,” Fletcher told the council.

Levy And Ordinances

The city council held a truth in taxation hearing for an amended levy for the fiscal year concluding on April 30, 2018. The hearing took place beginning at 6:45 p.m. and concluded as the meeting was called to order.

The levy ordinance, Ordinance 2017-13 was passed by the council.

Another ordinance passed by the council, Ordinance 2017-12, amends the city code regarding notices of delinquency and termination for water and sewer service through the city of Nashville.

“This is the ordinance that we discussed,” said Mayor Erik Rolf, saying that it codified “second notices and the mailings and such,” that were related to water and sewer notifications and dispute procedures.

Street Department Dates

Street Department Superintendent Rich Schuette made a couple announcements for the immediate post-Christmas time period at the meeting, saying that the city compost site will be closing for the year after December 30 (the site will be open December 30, closed after) through April 4.

There will be Christmas tree pickup in Nashville on December 29 and January 5.

Schuette was asked by council members what they do with the trees. He stated that in the past they had given them to the state recreation area at the lake, where they are used to provide fish habitats and shelter. Schuette said that the state lake using them depended on how many people were on duty there at a given time, and said that he would be willing to give the trees to anyone who might put them to use.

Finally, Schuette announced that there would be a brush day on December 29.


“We took possession of our locator box today for our boring machine,” Utilities Superintendent Blaine Middleton said. The locator box purchase was approved by the council and Middleton said he was glad to have it – there were several jobs he had waiting that required the boring machine.

Middleton asked about the progress of the installation of the SCADA system at that the water plant, the computer network that manages operations there.

“They’re still working on getting everything set up,” said Middleton. He told the council that he had heard about another area municipality that used the system that Nashville is upgrading from who just had their system go out in the last few weeks.

“The city qualified for IPRF grant money in the amount of $6,767,” Finance and Insurance Committee Chair Kelly Sheridan said.

The grant money is from the Illinois Public Risk Fund, and Mayor Rolf said that it was to be used for safety-oriented purchases.

Rolf concluded the meeting by thanking all of the council members for the hard work during this year, which he described as “a time of transition.”
Rolf then wished all present a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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