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Recycling Club, Project Paint! Updates Given To Board By Begando

Recycling Club, Project Paint! Updates Given To Board By Begando

By Alex Haglund

NCHS Principal Mark Begando covered a fair amount of ground when he gave his update to the NCHS board at their meeting on Monday, December 18.

“Both the teachers and students are working very hard,” NCHS Principal Mark Begando told the board, particularly with regards to exams, which were happening at the time of the board’s meeting.

“They’re heads are about to explode, I’m pretty sure. But they’re doing it,” Begando continued, “they’re pushing it and the teachers have them prepared.”
Begando mentioned the NCHS Recycling Club, started up by senior Kaitlyn Simons, along with faculty sponsor Sara Kollbaum. Begando encouraged the board in aiding them, and talked about their plans for collecting plastic bottles at boys and girls basketball games. For more on the recycling club, see the article on page A1 of the December 20, 2017 edition of The Nashville News.

NCHS Art Teacher Danielle Schultz came to the meeting at Begando’s request to tell the board about Project Paint!

First, Schultz told them about the Paint Night, held at the beginning of December.

“We had about 43 painters from the community come out and paint with us,” Schultz said, but stated that the paint night was just a fundraiser for Project Paint!’s goals, which are to create art for NCHS’ campus and hallways.

Now, Schultz said that she and the Project Paint! students will be meeting with various faculty members and department heads to plan and design the painting for each of the departments.

“We wanted to have something that each teacher could be part of,” Schulz said. Looking through all of the subjects taught at NCHS though, Schultz said that she realized this would be a multi-year project and she and the students decided to focus on a few core subjects for now.

Board member John Hallock asked Schulz whether the paitnings would be on the walls or on canvases. Schultz told him that they planned on using canvases.

“I like that idea,” Hallock answered, “in that it allows future students to be able to do the same thing.”

The NCHS Music Boosters helped to secure the purchase of several outdoor storage receptacles for use by the Hornet Marching Band, so that they may secure some of their equipment outdoors, close to where they practice.

Begando stated that the Kirchners had provided the funds to purcahse the shelters and after a quick review by the school’s architects and a few minor changes, the district was ready to proceed with installing them,

NCHS Principal Mark Begando brought a 3D printed mockup of the digital display that will be installed in front of the school.

Begando also told the board that a full-color LED display was almost ready to be installed in front of the school.

Begando had brought a small-scale, 3D printed mock-up of the board with him to the meeting, which he showed to the board members.

The digital sign is a project headed up by Industrial Technology Teacher Paul Welte and his classes.

“Mr Welte has got it working,” NCHS Interim Superintendent Thomas Hawkins told the board. “It’s hanging in his room.”

Board members expressed amazement that such a high-tech project for the school also had student involvement.

Hawkins said that the district would be contacting masons to prepare the site, then build the frame. A trench would need to be run for the wiring, and then Hawkins said that it would be an easy thing for Welte to wire the display in.

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