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Nashville FFA Member Finalist In Delo Tractor Restoration Contest

Nashville FFA Member Finalist In Delo Tractor Restoration Contest

By Alex Johannes,
Chapter Reporter

Nashville FFA Chapter member, Andrew Brown was recently recognized on the national level as a finalist in the Delo Tractor Restoration Contest.
There were many components in the competition, in addition to restoring a tractor.
For the competition, Andrew purchased an Allis Chalmers WD45 and completely restored it over a four month period.
During this process, Andrew had to get the tractor to run as if it had just been produced off of the assembly line, as well as painting it to give it a new and polished appearance.
He later went on to complete a work book, which asked for the step-by-step process of the restoration and if he had any problems or surprises while performing the restoration.
As the final two components of the contest, Andrew had to submit a video that showed the judges that the tractor can run in all of its gears and numerous photos to show the time-lapse of the restoration.

Andrew Brown on his Allis Chalmers WD45.

Andrew was inspired to begin restoring tractors at a young age by his grandfather, Andrew Lamczyk when they restored an Allis Chalmers WD.
Andrew thanked his grandfather, Andrew Lamczyk, his agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, Julie Bond-Ledford, Leo Schmitt, Rusty Tate, Marion Buretta, Josh Rynski, Jerry Brown, Titan Tire and Huelsman Oil Company for their continued support.

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