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Felonies, Misdemeanors And Seizures – 2017 State’s Attorney’s Report

Felonies, Misdemeanors And Seizures –
2017 State’s Attorney’s Report

By Alex Haglund

Washington County State’s Attorney Daniel Bronke gave a report to the Washington county Board on how the year of 2017 shaped up for him and his department.
Bronke reported that for 2017, the office of the Washington County State’s Attorney handled:
• Seven Juvenile Truancy Cases
• 13 Juvenile Delinquency Cases
• Nine Cases of Juvenile Abuse
• 2,038 Traffic Cases
• 26 DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Cases
• 142 Criminal Misdemeanor Cases
• 83 Criminal Felony Cases
“Last year, in 2016, there was about 140-some felony cases,” Bronke stated, but said that this year’s total was closer to what the ten year average would be for the county, “about 80 to 90 cases is the ten year average.”
Bronke also reported on forfeited and seized funds and property, saying, “that’s something that we’ve increased drastically during the last couple of years.”
In 2017, the Department seized:
• 11 vehicles
• $4,036.17 in cash
• Five guns
• One Stun Gun
• One Pair of Brass Knuckles
• Several Thousand Dollars going to other agencies – with Bronke stating that most of the money seized goes to the arresting agency, with the State’s Attorney’s Department getting smaller portions.
“That $4,000 that we received is probably about 12-percent of the total money seized,” said Bronke.
County Board member Vic Shubert asked Bronke if stun guns were illegal.
“In some cases,” Bronke said. “This one was illegally modified.”
Bronke also reported that his department had seen 15 people sentenced to time in jail, the Illinois Department of Corrections, during 2017.
“A little better than one a month,” Bronke said.

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