Stanowski Rewriting The Record Book At NCHS

Karly Stanowski  goes up and grabs the record setting rebound during the Hornettes 45-35 win over Carlyle on January 11.
By Brent Huelsmann
Less than two weeks after becoming the 13th player in Hornettes history to score 1000 points, Nashville Hornettes’ senior Karly Stanowski continues to etch her name in the record books. This past week, Stanowski became the all-time leading rebounder in Nashville Community High School. Stanowski also broke the record for made free throws in a career.
Stanowski needed just six rebounds going into Thursday night’s contest against DuQuoin to break the career record, of 910 rebounds, which was set by Pam Kirsch. Kirsch played at NCHS from 1986-1990. Stanowski started as a freshmen at NCHS where she pulled down 205 rebounds, including a double-double in her first career start. Stanowski followed up her freshman campaign by pulling down 288 rebounds her sophomore year. After pulling down 493 rebounds her first two seasons, Stanowski says she began to believe the record was attainable. “I kind of knew I was on the path to it if I kept going up every year. If I got a few more, and a few more.”
Stanowski then pulled down 256 rebounds her junior year, and needed just 161 rebounds coming into this season. Stanowski finally got the record on January 11, as she pulled down a rebound in the third quarter of Nashville’s win over Carlyle.
After the game, Stanowski talked about the accomplishment. “I’d say this is my greatest accomplishment in my high school sports. It’s something since my freshman year. My first game I got a double-double, so I kind of set the pace right there. I just knew I had to keep going up from there. My dad told me if you rebound, you are going to get to play in high school, so that kind of what my focus was on.”
Hornettes coach Doug Althoff, praised the work Stanowski puts in to grab rebounds. “That’s one thing right there. The thing about rebounding, all it is is effort. You don’t have to be the best athlete, you don’t have to be the best jumper, you don’t have to be the fastest, you just have to be willing to go in there and do the effort to check and go get rebounds. I’m pretty proud of Karly, that’s a hell of an accomplishment that she broke that record.”
Stanowski was not done rewriting the record books, as for the second time in less than a week, she broke another school record. Stanowski needed just 10 made free throws, heading into the Highland Tournament to break the record of 334, set by Shawn Rennegarbe, who played at Nashville from 2010-2014.
In the first game of the tournament against Salem, Stanowski connected seven times from the charity stripe, and only needed three going into their second game of the tournament against Civic Memorial.
Stanowski made her only free throw attempt of the first half, and did not have another opportunity until the end of the third quarter. Right before the end of the frame, Stanowski got fouled as she went up for a shot, and went to the charity stripe with a chance at the record. Stanowski would knock down both free throws to break the record.
After the game, Stanowski said she didn’t know when she got the record. “I didn’t really know how many free throws I had already shot in the game, so I didn’t know which one it even was on. I had a good feeling because when I was warming up, they were pretty much going in, so usually if I’m on, I’m on.”

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