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Let’s Read – January 31, 2018

Let’s Read – January 31, 2018

By Mary Barrett

A Name Unknown (Shadows Over England #1)

By Roseanna M. White

Published by Bethany House Publishers, 11400 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55438
400 pages, paperback, $15.99, ISBN 978-0-7642-1926-9

Former street urchin Rosemary’s only “family” is the band of pickpockets that helped her to survive. Now grown up, they have infiltrated London’s upper class, intent on stealing high-value items.
When Rosemary targets a wealthy aristocrat with secrets of his own, will her scheme backfire?
Roseanna M. White is the author of over a dozen historical novels and novellas.

Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice #1)

By Rachel Dylan

320 pages, paperback, $14.99, ISBN 978-0-7642-1980-1

Attorney Kate Sullivan suspects that Mason Pharmaceutical is hiding illegal activities. When she and private investigator Landon James unearth deadly proof of a cover up related to the company’s new drug, they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Can they discover who is keeping the case from going to trial?
Rachel Dylan writes Christian fiction, including legal romantic suspense.

Crown of Souls (The Tox Files #2)

By Ronie Kendig

380 pages, paperback, $15.99, ISBN 978-0-7642-1766-1

Military operative Cole “Tox” Russell is enjoying a rest at home in Virginia after stopping a deadly plague six months ago. That peace is short-lived when a sniper shoots him on the beach. He and his team discover a unique drawing on the bullet that hit him.
The enemy is one of their own. Can Tox fight the monster without becoming one?
Ronie Kenig is an award-winning, bestselling author who has penned over a dozen novels.
These books can be found at your local bookstore, by writing to the publisher at the above address, by using the website, by calling 800-877-2665 or by checking your local library.

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