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Nashville News Freelance Reporter Celebrates Birthday

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, Nashville News freelance reporter and Nashville Community High School FFA Chapter Reporter Alex Johannes crept one year closer to adulthood, turning 17.
Johannes enjoys cows, goats and dogs, reporting on Agriculture and Ag Education events, and mostly tolerating the full-time staff of The Nashville News editorial department.
While we decided to put this announcement in to embarrass Alex (and we’re pretty sure that it will) we aren’t coming up with a lot embarrassing things to print about Alex here, because in the opinions of anyone that we have asked, and in our own opinion as well, Alex is a pretty good kid.
Despite that, if you do see Alex, please give her some trouble for her birthday.
If you wish to see some of the work Alex has done for this paper, and for the FFA as well, this edition is an excellent starting point, with two newspaper stories and one FFA story by Johannes to choose from.
With a work ethic, attitude and intelligence like her’s, Johannes has a bright future ahead of her. We here at The Nashville News are doing our very best not to screw that up for her.

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