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Notes From NCHS Board’s January Meeting

Notes From Nashville Community High School Board’s January Meeting

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Community High School Board met for their regular January meeting on Monday, January 22.
For the story covering Interim Superintendent Thomas Hawkins’ reports and new courses that will be offered next school year, please see the article from the January 31, 2018 edition of The Nashville News here.


There were two grants that were approved by the board. The first was a “3 Circles” agriculture grant.
“It’s an opportunity for Ag Teachers throughout the state to be paid for all of the time they put in outside of the classroom,” Hawkins said, including time dedicated to the FFA, sustained activities and curriculum improvement.
The grant will help to get the teacher, Julie Bond-Ledford at NCHS, an additional 400 hours of pay, with the grant paying for 200 hours and the school covering the other 200 hours. No changes were necessary on the part of the district for Ledford though, because she already was employed as a 10-month employee and had the extra hours in question covered before the grant.
Due to a clause with the Nashville Education Association which states that individual members cannot negotiate independently, Hawkins did approach the NEA with terms of the grant and they approved, stating that they hoped similar opportunities were available for other teachers too.
The other grant approved with a MajorClarity grant, through the Illinois Association of School Administrators.
This grant would help to pay for a software program which would allow students to explore different career pathways.
The board granted Hawkins conditional approval to accept the grant, provided that there is no out-of-pocket expenses for the district, something that Hawkins and Board members all said that they were wary of.


The school board took no personnel action at the January meeting, and made no action at all following the meeting’s closed session.
The board did hold a special meeting, on Monday, January 15, where they conducted interviews of candidates for the permanent superintendent’s position.

Other Items

Two field trip requests were approved. Both were to the St. Louis Holocaust Museum, with English IV World Literature heading there on February 7, and English IV Honors headed there on February 21.
There was a host of new board policy revisions which were suggested by the Illinois School Board Association. In total, the board put 28 new policies under first reading.

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