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Little Nashville BP Robbed At Gunpoint

An image of the suspect from the Jan. 31 armed robbery which occurred at the Little Nashville BP Station.

Little Nashville BP Station Robbed At Gunpoint

By Alex Haglund

An armed robbery occurred at approximately 3:55 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31, at the Little Nashville BP gas station.
A white male in his mid-to-late 20s entered the station after putting fuel into his vehicle. After displaying cash to have the register opened, he displayed a black revolver, then left the station with money from the register.
Initial reports had the suspect in a pickup, but the Nashville Police updated their description later to say that he departed the scene in a 2016 grey Toyota Corolla with out-of-state tags. He was last seen headed north on IL-127, away from the station.
Photos from the gas station security cameras are shown here, and more can be found on the Nashville Police Department’s Facebook page (and have been shared on The Nashville News Facebook page as well).

The suspect displayed a black revolver while robbing the Little Nashville BP.

Nashville Police Chief Brian Fletcher said that the police believed the individual to be traveling through the area on I-64 from out of the state, and that he believed that it was a crime of opportunity.
If anyone has further information regarding the incident or the identity of the suspect, the Nashville Police ask them to contact them at (618) 327-8232.

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