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District #49 Receives Science Assessments

District #49 Receives Science Assessments

Nashville #49 Superintendent’s Notes

By Michael Brink
Nashville #49 Superintendent

I would like to take this opportunity to report on our district’s state assessment results in science for school years 2016 and 2017.
The results of the assessments were late arriving to districts because the Illinois State Board of Education did not have a funding source to score the tests due to the lack of a state budget during this time period.
The Illinois Science Assessment is administered to students in grades 5 and 8 each year and Nashville #49 again performed at a very high level as compared to the averages of the State of Illinois.
Here are the percentages of proficient students for the past two years:

2016 ISA Results                                   2017 ISA Results

Nashville #49-Grade 5                                                                                          77.4 %                                                       67.7 %
State of Illinois-Grade 5                                                                                        57.5 %                                                       54.1 %
Nashville #49-Grade 8                                                                                          71.4 %                                                       83.0 %
State of Illinois-Grade 8                                                                                        61.1 %                                                       58.9 %
We would also like to congratulate our Team Quest teams for qualifying for the regional tournament this year.
Team Quest is a program for gifted students and the tournaments are conducted through the ROE.
There are four students per team and they compete against other schools. Some of the areas in which they compete include math, creativity, music, engineering, construction, trivia, etc.
Here are the results for the three Nashville #49 teams:
3rd and 4th Grade Team                                                                                     10th out of 37 teams
5th and 6th Grade Team                                                                                     3rd out of 39 teams
7th and 8th Grade Team                                                                                     5th out of 49 teams
Finally, Nashville #49 would like to congratulate both the girls and boys basketball teams on their outstanding seasons this year!
The girls captured the school’s first ever girls state championship while the boys finished second in their state tournament.
Congratulations to all of the coaches and players for representing Nashville Middle School in a very positive way.
We are very proud of all of you!

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