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Dr. James L. Braly

Dr. Jim Braly, M.D., 76, passed from this life on Friday, February 16, 2018 while being attended by his brother Clinton Braly in Salt Lake City, Utah.
He was the youngest of three (all boys) children of Manford “Doc” Braly and Katherine “Kay” Braly, both of whom preceded him in death while residing in Nashville.
He is survived by his brothers, Charles Braly of Nashville and Clinton Braly who will soon be returning to Nashville. He is also survived by nephew Douglas Braly and his wife Angela and their three adult children. Cousins are scattered from Kansas to Washington to Minnesota.
Jim had one child, son, Zachary Braly, who preceded him in death at the age of 25 while Zack was living in Las Vegas, Nev., with Jim, his father, and Rachel (Asher) Braly, his mother. Rachel still resides in Las Vegas.
Jim was a graduate of Nashville Community High School in 1960, where he participated in all sports and played clarinet in band. He then attended St. Louis University Medical School, where he obtained his M.D. degree. He also served two years in the US Marine Corps.
In the early years of medical practice, he was an apprentice to psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden who wrote and worked closely with Ayn Rand of “Atlas Shrugged” fame. Jim carried an interest in economic and political interaction throughout his life until his final days He was a formidable and stimulating debater, loaded with facts about almost any topic of moral concern – politics and religion- and their applications.
His early training and liking for music stimulated him to become a proficient classical guitarist. Jim delved into whatever he did with passion and maximum focus. He and brother Clint ran marathon races and climbed mountains in Mexico and the northern United States together. He was a nutritional consultant for an Iron Man competitor who won a Hawaiian iron man competition.
His focus in medical well-being and general health centered on nutritional prevention of disease rather than medicating symptoms of illness with prescription drugs. Jim was an avid reader, researcher, writer, and lecturer. He was the author of many books: Dr. Braly’s Food Allergy and Diet Revolution”, “Dr. Braly’s Optimum Health Program; “The H Factor Solution” (with Patrick Holford); “How To Quit Without Feeling S**t” (with Patrick Holford); “Dangerous Grains”.
A comprehensive list of books which he has authored can be found by searching “Dr. Braly at Amazon” as well as a Google search for “Dr. Braly, author”.
In addition to the intellectual side of Jim, the joy of his life was his adopted son, Zachary. He enjoyed being with Zack more than anything else. Just as the premature death of Zack left a huge gap in Jim’s life, Jim’s death leaves an empty place in the lives of his remaining relatives.


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