NCHS Student Gallery – “Frida Kahlo” By Briannah Ralls

This week’s NCHS Student Gallery piece is “Frida Kahlo” by Art 3 Junior Briannah Ralls. It is a reductive print measuring approximately six-by-eight inches.
Students were introduced to the art of printmaking and various printmaking techniques. For this project, students created a reductive print. Students began by sketching their design onto a soft-cut slab, similar to linoleum. Then they carved the slab with a variety of carving tools. Students rolled ink onto the surface of their carved slab and then transferred their inked image onto paper. Students carved and printed multiple times on the same slab and piece of paper to create the different colors that you see.
“My artwork is a reproduction of Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait titled, “Self-Portrait with Necklace of Thorns,” with brighter colors and communicates a Pop Art style theme,” Ralls said. “This was one of my very first printmaking projects.”

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