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Pelczynski Advances In Three Point Showdown

Terrry Pelczynski Jr. knocked down 10 of 15 in the IHSA Class 2A Three Point Showdown competition to advance to Sectionals.
Nashville Hornets sophomore Terry Pelczynski Jr. was one of four shooters to advance out the IHSA Class 2A Staunton Regional in the Three Point Showdown.
Pelczynski finished tied for second in the competition.
Gaite Brauns from Greenville finished with 11 out of 15 to lead the way.
Brock Nelson, also from Greenville, and Pelczynski each finished with 10 to advance.
The fourth and final spot would go to a shoot-off. Brady Kinder from Staunton and Kaiden White of Hillsboro would each shoot to see who would be dvancing to Sectionals. Brady Kinder won the shoot-off and moved on to Sectionals.
Overall 24 athletes shot to  try and advance to Sectionals.
Kelton Harre, Jacob Maschhoff, and Dale Anderson also shot for Nashville in the competition. Harre knocked down seven, Maschhoff and Anderson each knocked down six.

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