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St. Ann School Works Of Mercy: Visiting The Imprisoned

The Works of Mercy being undertaken by the students at St. Ann School in Mrs. Janice Gaubatz class take on a different theme each month. The works are either spiritual (caring for the spirit) or corporal (caring for people here in the physical world). The Works for January were corporal – “Visiting The Imprisoned”. Since grade school children typically won’t be allowed into prison (or at least, parents might object if the school were to send them there), the students tried to care for the prisoners in different ways. For the prisoners themselves, students brought coloring pages, Origami crosses, bible verses and other paper crafts. They also helped to take care of the prisoners’ family members. The school contacted the Washington County Jail and found out that some of the visitors were coming to the jail without jackets or proper cold weather clothing. The students provided a bag full of coats and other cold weather gear for jail staff to give to family members if they see someone who is in need. Accepting the donations for the jail was Sheriff Danny Bradac, LEFT, shown with students Tommy Herzog, Oliver Gaubatz, Reese Varel, Ally Johannes and Talanie Kozusezk.

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