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City Of Nashville Planning To Send Two Employees To IL Road Scholar Program

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council met for their first regular meeting of March on the evening of Thursday, March 1, and approved sending two street department employees to the Illinois Road Scholar program which will be held in Effingham.
“This is about a week long class,” Street Department Superintendent Rich Schuette told the council. “There’s a very good line-up of training to be had.”
Schuette continued saying that he had taken some of the classes being offered as part of this program, but stated that, “this is really the first time that I’ve seen all of these courses together in one week.”
In particularly, he stated that the OSHA Safety Class being held on one day of the program was one of the best that he had personally ever take, and that was just one of many good classes being offered.
The Road Scholar program is being offered through the American Public Works Association, and would cost $695 per person to attend. Additionally, hotel rooms in the Effingham area during the program will run about $110 to $150 per night, Schuette told the council. Some meals are included as part of the program’s fee.
Mayor Erik Rolf commented that with several veteran members of the street department announcing their plans to retire (see the story from the council’s last meeting, in the February 28 edition of The Nashville News), sending city employees to this intensive training seemed like a very good idea.

LaBusier Appointed To Golf Board

Jane Miller has resigned from the board at the Nashville Municipal Golf Course effective January 1.
The council approved the appointment of Tina LaBusier to fill the seat vacated by Miller and it is for a three year term.
“She’ll be good,” said Doug Hargan, “She’s a golfer and, woo, can she play.”
Rolf, who is an assistant boys golf coach for NCHS agreed that LaBusier would make a welcome addition at the course.

Water And Sewer

The Council heard from Hargan and Utilities Superintendent Blaine Middleton who stated that they had continued work on preparing for upgrades replacements of two pump stations (discussed at the previous meeting of the council).
In working through these details and planning, Hargan said that meetings of the water and sewer committee, with the rest of the council invited to attend as they wish, would be necesaary in the near future to iron out the city’s plans.
“There’s some things in these preliminary stages that I’m going to need the council’s approval for,” Middleton said.
The SCADA installation at the water plant continues and, as of the time of this meeting, Middleton stated that the main SCADA box at the water treatment plant was in place, “and now is recognizing, but not yet talking to,” other pumps and towers in the city’s water system. At this point, Middleton said that the installation was moving along smoothly.
Hargan said that he and Middleton had spotted a very nice utility truck that had been put up for sale by Jefferson County and that they were considering purchasing it for the utilities department and retiring one of the city’s older half-ton trucks, with the approval of the council.
“Myself and foreman drove over and checked it out,” Middleton said, “and it is a pretty sweet truck.”

Internet Contract

The city heard a request from Clearwave Communications to extend their contract for an additional amount of time. If the city does so, a Clearwave representative told Rolf that they would increase the city’s connection speed free of charge.
“Basically, what they’re doing is if we sign up for an additional two years, we get faster service,” Rolf told the council. However, the Clearwave rep told Rolf that she would like to know the city’s answer the day after the meeting.
“She’ll have to wait,” Hargan said, “at least until next meeting….and that seems a little steep too.”
Council member Dennis Kellerman agreed with Hargan, saying that they ought to seek rates from other service providers.
“I’d hate for us to lock in,” Kellerman said,”without at least having a comparison.”


The council voted to seal their minutes from executive session from the last time they voted to seal them, “back in April of last year,” said Rolf, through right now.
Council member Terry Kozuszek stated that the city had 180 residents use the recycling program during the month of February, bringing in 10,340 pounds of recyclables.
The council got the concrete quotes for the year, approving the low bid, which came from Beelman Ready Mix. The quote is for deliveries of more than two cubic yards of concrete to cost $84.70 per cubic yard, while deliveries of more than two cubic yards would cost $80.70 per cubic yard.
The council approved a donation of $500 to the annual “Simply The Best” program.
Advertising was approved by the council in the amount of $160 for the NCHS Yearbook, and in the amount of $35 for the Washington County Fair Program. Both of these costs were the same as last year.

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