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City Of Nashville Utility Customers Can Sign up For Auto Bill-Pay

By Alex Haglund

At the March 1 meeting of the Nashville City Council, the council approved an upgrade to the city’s LOCIS (Local government Computer and Information Services) software, which city clerk Terrie Kurwicki told the council she and the employees at city hall use to calculate and distribute city utility bills.
The software can also be used to set up auto bill-pay for city utility customers, something that a small, but growing number of Nashville citizen utilize.
Getting set up for auto bill pay is simple, Kurwicki said.
“They have to come over here and pick up an information sheet,” she said, and then it fill it out and present it at city hall, along with a voided check. That’s all.
Both Kurwicki and Nashville Mayor Erik Rolf were eager to let citizens know about the auto bill pay. Anyone who has further questions can stop in or call at city hall.
As for the upgrades, the main upgrade approved would be for the entire LOCIS system and would cost $1,000. It has been a few years since the city last upgraded the software and it needs it, Kurwicki said.
Then, as a follow-on to that upgrade, the city could also purchase a “module” for that software at a cost of $16 per month, which would greatly simplify the amount of work-hours required for processing automatic payments.
Currently, the city hall employees spend five-to-six hours processing those payments. They were told that this module would cut that time to about a half hour.
The council approved both the major upgrade and the additional software module.

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