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NCHS Student Gallery “Grace In Murky Waters” By Olivia Anderson

This week, the art work for the NCHS Student Gallery is “Grace In Murky Waters” by Sophomore Olivia Anderson.
An Art II student, Anderson created the piece as a 12X16-inch oil pastel drawing. It depicts a mother swan and her babies swimming on a pong.
“I recently learned about the style of Impressionism in my NCHS art class,” Anderson wrote about the piece. “Impressionism is a 19th century art movement characterized by visible, often unblended brushstrokes, and a lack of posing of the subjects. It was inspired by the invention of the camera and it focuses on the idea of capturing a moment in time. It is described as a “fly on the wall” approach or that the artist is “looking through a key hole.” I used oil pastels to mimic the broad brushstrokes used in artworks by Impressionist artist Edgar Degas and Claude Monet. I chose to draw a scene from nature because of its unpredictability.”

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