Chamber Honors Volunteer Of The Year Josh Curl

2018 Nashville Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year Josh Curl, RIGHT, laughs as banquet emcee Brad “Bo” Meyer delivers his roast.

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce honored Josh Curl, the 2018 Volunteer of the Year, with a banquet held at the Nashville American Legion on the evening of Monday, March 12.
Curl has volunteered in the community helping with sound and music for numerous local events and groups, among them Nashville Community High School for concerts and plays, American Legion Post 110 for Memorial Day Observances and the Washington County Arts Council for their summer concert series.
In addition to a meal and the presentation of a plaque to Curl, the banquet also featured a roast by emcee Brad “Bo” Meyer (a Volunteer of the Year banquet tradition), with Meyer poking some fun at Curl, having spoke to his friends and family to get the material.
Meyer said that Curl’s first memory was of his parents’ wedding when he was three years old, which he remembered because the reception was the first time he saw a drum set. At 14, Curl got his own drums and “Josh never stopped drumming,” Meyer said.
Despite retelling tales from Curl’s childhood and younger adult years, Meyer also spoke to the reason Josh was being honored, saying, “Josh Curl will do anything you ask of him,” adding that, “Josh is always willing to go the extra mile just to make life easier for someone else.”
While Meyer spoke about the things other people had told him about Curl, one of the more heartfelt compliments Bo paid Josh was his own. When talking about Ron “Big O” Ogrzewalla, who used to run sound and lights for events at NCHS, Bo said that Big O was his friend and that when he looked at Josh, he saw Ron there.
Curl, sitting with girlfriend Christie Schmidt at the front table along with Meyer and Chamber President Tom Speedie, took the jabs and compliments in good humor and afterwards took to the podium for a few short remarks himself.
Curl thanked his mother, Patricia, first, and spoke about Big O getting him into volunteering at NCHS.
Curl also thanked the people who wrote the letters nominating him – Steve Browne, Michele Goostree, Bob Meier, Steve Haertling and Rick Harris.
With all of the music and events happening in town, and so many of them that Curl has worked to help make happen, he has been very busy as a volunteer, and will likely remain so.
Just before the banquet, Curl was at the high school to help the drama club get set up for a rehearsal of “She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurer’s Edition”, which is playing this weekend.
“They say, ‘the show must go on’,” said Meyer during his roast. “Well, in this community, without Josh, there is no show.”

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