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NCHS Students Hosting Rwandan Genocide Witness Carl Wilkens For Presentation

Students in the NCHS English IV Honors Class, ABOVE, are working on their annual outreach project. This year, the students will be bringing Carl Wilkens to NCHS for an all-school assembly on Wednesday, March 21. Wilkens witnessed (and survived) the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

On Wednesday, March 21, the NCHS English IV Honors Students will be hosting Carl Wilkens for an all-school assembly as part of their Outreach Project.
In 1994 when extremists took over the government in Rwanda and started ordering ordinary citizens to kill the “enemy”—their Tutsi neighbors—all foreign embassies evacuated their respective citizens.
However, a handful refused to leave, among them one American — Carl Wilkens.

Carl Wilkens will be speaking to students at NCHS on Wednesday, March 21.

His harrowing, yet hopeful journey weaves together a story of tremendous risk and fierce compassion, in the midst of the senseless slaughter.
Working with Rwandan colleagues, they helped save the lives of hundreds.
For more than a decade Carl has been sharing stories around the globe with schools and faith communities, as well as civic and military groups.
His storytelling does not stop with Rwanda’s tragic history, but moves forward to the powerful and inspiring recovery process.
As a part of the ongoing NCHS Kindness Campaign, Carl Wilkens will speak to students at NCHS about empathy, respect, and inclusion.
To read more about Carl’s story, check out his book “I’m Not Leaving”, or go to his nonprofit organization’s website,

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