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Cast And Counted – Primary Election Held Tuesday

A sign directing prospective voters inside was placed near the Community Center of Nashville on the morning of Tuesday, March 20. CCN is the polling place for a number of election precincts.

The Primary election prior to the November, 2018 general election was held on Tuesday, March 20.
There are numerous regional and state offices’ races which will determine how November will shape up. In addition, a number of local positions have candidates on the ballot as well.
Locally, there is only one contested race though, the Republican Primary for County Treasurer, being run between Natalie Lynch and Linda Unverfehrt.
Election results were in during the early evening hours of Tuesday, March 20, but the deadline for The Nashville News is still considerably earlier than that.
The Nashville News will be posting election results to our website,, and to our Facebook page as well, as they become available.
We will also have a paper copy of results posted in our office and will publish them in the March 28 edition of the paper.
Further, the official results are also available at, the site the county uses to post their results.
As a note, both the results we publish, as well as those on GBSVote are the unoffical, not certified results.
Certified results are not available until about three weeks after the election.

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