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This Week’s Shelter Dog…Kinda

“Raven” has gone on to a better place…she got adopted!

This week’s shelter dog for adoption WAS this three-year-old female lab mix. She’s a small dog, for her breed, and weighs about 40 to 45 pounds.
The shelter gave her the nickname, “Raven.”
Raven can’t be seen at the shelter anymore though, because in the time between when The Nashville News received her photo and when we go to press, Raven was adopted.
At the time of printing, the only dog available for adoption was “Speckle”, who was featured in last week’s paper. Speckle might also be in a new home by the time this is printed though, as there was a prospective owner heading to see her on Monday morning.
There are no other dogs OR cats available for adoption as of the time of printing. That can change very quickly though, and Washington County Animal Control Warden Debbie Hagopian stated that she was expecting a group of puppies to arrive soon.
The dog adoption fee is $30, which includes an AVID identification chip. In addition, each new owner will receive a certificate for $50 off of spaying or neutering.
All animals can be seen (including new arrivals) on the Washington County Animal Control Facebook page located
Hagopian credited Facebook and social media for the streak of successful adoptions the shelter has had, so like and follow their page. And, when an animal is up for adoption, share and help them find their forever home.

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