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Letter: I Couldn’t Help But Notice

Something really stood out to me on a recent trip back to Nashville after a long time away.
I grew up here in the 1950’s and 60’s and I remember the obvious care people took keeping their property looking good and the sense of pride that it reflected on themselves and the town in general.
Except for a very few places, even modest homes were in good shape, well painted with clipped shrubs and lawns.
During my trip back, I was surprised when I drove up and down town streets to see many of these same houses looking kind of shabby.
A long time resident might not notice the slow decline, but coming back after a while, it really sticks out.
A number of homes with siding had areas of the siding or shingles missing, or a film of mildew over the siding, showing a lack of cleaning or care.  Other once well maintained houses had peeling or faded paint, overgrown shrubs and just looked generally neglected, though from the amount of plastic toys in the yard you could see someone lived there.
In some instances, general junk, stacked lumber and derelict cars spilled out of garages into yards.  The overall impression was of a town that was no longer maintaining itself with pride, let alone one on the upswing.
This should be a cause of concern for property owners and realtors in Nashville.   Good home maintenance affects property values a great deal.
It’s no secret a shabby house or building decreases the value of those around it and adds to a perception of municipal downturn.
It might be time for a town meeting about an effort to start a sprucing up or Nashville Pride campaign.  It could really be to the benefit of all Nashville residents.

Jerome Miller
New York, N.Y.


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