Letter: Let’s Get the Word Out

Well, it’s an election year again and one subject that don’t hear mentioned, either by State or Federal candidates is “Health Care”.
Of course, Obama took care of that right? Not to be political but the only thing that did was to give our Federal tax money for all to have health insurance-same plans, same coverage but the difference was that those that could afford it paid around $1000 per month and those that couldn’t pay were subsidized with-you guessed it-our tax money. The end result seemed great but not so great for those of us paying for our own insurance plus the subsidies to make up for the entitled.
Put 2 or more sixty-somethings together and what do you get? No they’re not discussing the breakup of the Beatles and the evil Ms. Ono, they’re not talking about how the muscle car always ended up burning oil and using up polyglass tires and they’re not talking about how Opie lost all of his hair but made millions of dollars. They are talking about HEALTH CARE COSTS. Try to carry on a conversation without the subject coming up. Can’t retire because of it-need to get a second job-burning up my savings-can’t afford my meds this month, etc.
Only imagine what it would be like, and how nice to live a life where health care costs don’t control our working and retired lives? We all know that it shouldn’t be the way that it is.
What’s the answer? Is it complicated or is it easy? I don’t know but what I do know is that our elected officials, those working for us, are ignoring the subject big time-and with every election process.
The elected ones have their insurance paid for them by the way, again with our tax money.
WE need to be heard like those of other issues-environment, women’s rights, race relations, tax reform, gun control, saving the whales, PBS funding… Of course some issues like the drug epidemic and abortion deal directly with life and death, other issues seem to pale in comparison according to our beliefs and opinions but certainly, health care costs for every man, woman and child affect many of the other problems. Less money in people’s pockets while insurance company and drug company bigshots continue to make millions and millions of dollars just doesn’t make sense. Like Abraham Lincoln said ‘’that plow won’t scour”. Ask an older farmer, he understands that adage. Why do you think we are subjected to so much insurance advertising-they and the drug companies have the extra money to spend, especially from the overpriced products and scripts. If the working man/woman makes a decent wage that isn’t drained by $1000 per month health insurance premium, they might not be as affected by drugs, drink and therefore-crime.
I’m ready to step off of my soapbox now (ask mom or dad what a “soapbox” is) but we need to find a way to be heard. In this, the greatest country on earth (and it still is) a poor soul shouldn’t have to choose between medical costs-especially vital prescriptions-and life’s everyday bills (food, rent, heat, etc). Insurance and drug companies need to answer for their high prices in the same way that other prices are controlled.
Let’s be heard-we’re talking about it anyway so…

Rick Greten


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