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NMS Musicians Take First Across The Board In Competitions

ABOVE: Fourth Row: Mrs. Pytlinski, Andrew Gollaher, Brady Meyer, Garrett Williamson, Roman Reams, Tanner Brooks, Bryson McCleary, Seth Henderson, Reese Rowell, Zane Fletcher. Third Row: Axton Brehm, Chris Johns, Xander Harvey, Zoe Lopez, Madison Haege, Kyle Johns, Abriel Habeck, Hailee Grzegorek. Second Row: Jill Kuhl, Trent Browne, Noah Frederking, Kyle Hiedel, Carson Cook, Jordan Schuette, Zeke Kinder, Jocelyn Edwards, Aryssa Brehm, Peyton Lingle, Sawyer Matecki, Alex Guo, Bradley Bowers, Faith Frerker. First Row: Emma Grathwohl, Hunter Colburn, Rebecca Shopinski, Merytt Zgonina, Stephany Becker, Lia Bulger, Vita Bartolotta, Yerian Perez, Rachel Hooks, Abby Ferrell, Paige Greten, Ethan Gambill.

Fourth row: Kyle Johns – Baritone Solo, *Ethan Gambill – Clarinet solo (1st Superior), *Garrett Williamson – Guitar Solo and Piano Solo (1st Superior on Piano), *Jill Kuhl – Trumpet Solo (1st Superior), *Faith Frerker – Saxophone Solo (1st Superior), Hailee Grzegorek – Trombone solo, Madison Haege – Piano Solo, Jordan Schuette – Trumpet Solo, *Trent Browne – Piano solo and Trumpet Solo (1st Superior on trumpet). Third Row: Abby Ferrell – Clarinet Solo, *Paige Greten – Clarinet Solo, *Emma Grathwohl – Piano Solo and Flute Solo (1st Superior on flute), Rebecca Shopinski – Flute Solo, Stephany Becker – Voice Solo, Jocelyn Edwards – Trumpet Solo, Roman Reams – Piano and Snare solos. Second Row: Vita Bartolotta – Clarinet Solo, Rachel Hooks – Clarinet Solo, Abriel Habeck – Trombone solo, Rheanna Kiefer – Voice Solo, Autum Kiefer – Flute solo, Yerian Perez – Clarinet Solo, Chloe Maschhoff – Piano Solo, Merytt Zgonina – Flute Solo, *Zoe Lopez – Trombone Solo, Addison Browne – Piano solo, Emma Williamson – Piano Solo, Addison Stambaugh – Piano Solo, Zane Fletcher – Bell Solo, Zeke Kinder – Trumpet Solo. First Row: Tanner Brooks – Bell Solo, Seth Henderson – Bell Solo, Brady Meyer – Snare Solo, Bryson McCleary – Snare Solo

NMS Band and Choir students participated in IGSMA Southern Division Solo and Ensemble Contest on March 10, 2017.
Of 38 solos, the students earned 38 1st places ratings with six of them being 1st superior ratings! What an amazing accomplishment for NMS Music Department!
We would like to thank Mrs. Becky Styninger and Lucas Morgan for accompanying solos that day.
Solos marked with an asterisk (ABOVE) were graded high enough and the students scored high enough to compete at State Solo & Ensemble Contest at Carbondale in May this year.
Congratulations to the following students, and good luck to all students heading to state contest!

Third Row: Emma Grathwohl, Garrett Williamson, Jill Kuhl, Trent Browne, Mrs. Amanda Pytlinski, Noah Frederking, Jordan Schuette, Bryson McCleary, Seth Henderson. Second Row: Abriel Habeck, Zoe Lopez, Chris Johns, Xander Harvey, Axton Brehm. First Row: Ethan Gambill, Paige Greten, Sawyer Matecki, Alex Guo, Bradley Bowers, Faith Frerker

Third Row: Emma Kwiatkowski, Stephany Becker, Rheanna Kiefer, Mrs. Amanda Pytlinski, Nori Stockon, Mrs. Becky Styninger (accompanist), Trinity Engelman, Garrett Williamson, Kyle Johns, Autum Kiefer, Anne Mead. Second Row: Lia Bulger, Laura Lam, Jaymie Koelling, Brandee Anselment, Bella Womack, Aryssa Brehm, Abriel Habeck, Hunter Rheinecker, Zoe Lopez, Emma Grathwohl, Addison Povolish. First Row: Dylan Hicks, Cindy Guinup, Lilly Dunahee, Merytt Zgonina, Avery Piasecki, Addison Browne, Emma Williamson, Chloe Maschhoff, Lainey Fletcher, Yerian Perez, Dakota Boudah Addison Stambaugh

Group Picture of NMS Concert Band.


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